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C:T talks to composer Oscar Bettison, who recently signed to Boosey's Emerging Composers Program.

C:T talks to composer Cheryl Frances-Hoad whose Golden Hat Opera company launches shortly.

C:T talks to New York-based violist and composer, Ljova, aka Lev Zhurbin

C:T talks to composer, critic, musicologist, professor, writer on new music and coiner of the phrase 'post classical', Kyle Gann.

C:T talks to composer Phil Kline whose latest work for ETHEL, SPACE, was premiered at Alice Tully Hall and will be performed by ETHEL at Kennedy Center, Washington DC, in early May.

C:T talks to composer David Rakowski, whose Winged Contraption is featured on the latest BMOP/sound release.

C:T talks to South African composer Robert Fokkens, who is also artistic director of UK-based Sounds Underground.

C:T talks to Emily Bruskin of the Claremont Trio

C:T talks to Geoffrey Alvarez, founder of the London based ensemble the Alvarez Chamber Orchestra

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