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Composers Showcase

Chris Long :
Where Angels Play

Richard Leigh :
The Earth is the Lords

Simon Londhe McKechnie :
A Trip to Huntley and Palmers (excerpt)

Graham Lynch :
Invisible Cities - excerpt

Upcoming Performances of C:T Composers

Composers - Letter 'l'
 Patrick J Lee
 Hugh Levick
 Graham Lynch
 Simon McKechnie
 Richard Leigh
 Hannah Lash
 Christina Chi-Hui Liang

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ROLAND, AUZET  ( Roland Auzet)
Terskaya, Lubov  ( Flaute)
akram, malik  ( M.Akram)
moss, margaret  ( margaretmoss12)
Maulana, Aldy  ( aldymf91)
Ciach, Brian  ( BrianCiach)
Barclay, Alan  ( Perrin Barclay)
composer, mlort  ( mlortcomposer)
Cahyo, Septian Dwi  ( gembul_war)
Clarke, Symon  ( S Clarke)
Rezzuto, Juan Jose  ( pianocomposerteacherlondon)
luiz, segen  ( prettyliebe)
Saya, Filippo  ( filfil)
Nichols, Zach  ( falcorps)
Lawrie, T V  ( TVL)
press, emmanuel  ( manu71)
Valles, Laia  ( laiavalles)
Wallace, Ian  ( i.wall)
james, watson  ( Camron70)
Kobayashi, Sumio  ( sumio)