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Name Martin Grayson
CT Mail
User Name MartinY
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Date of birth 13/08/1953
Region United Kingdom  
Interests Modern music on early instruments, chamber music, small scale orchestral music.
Profile I have been a composer since I was a teenager but for the middle of my life I was an academic chemist. I am now devoting myself to composing, teaching, playing, publishing and directing early music as well as my own music. I have written music of very different types, some of it in the atonal `academic` style of the 1960s, much tonal music influenced by a variety of early 20th century music styles and pieces in my new style which I might call scientific-neo-classical pastoralism........

Most of my music is available in practical performing form either on IMSLP, the Werner Icking Site, or elsewhere. I decided I would avoid the worry of staying up all night planning how I would spend my annual 100 pounds of royalties by giving everything away. I am not a good example for young composers trying to earn a living, though I would recommend giving one or two of your most practical pieces away so that people actually play your music!.

I am very much oriented towards practical music making, and you will see both my original and edited music exists in several versions not on the original instruments. I still write some pieces which will not arrange though because they are closely tied to a given instrumental technique or colour.

The progressive disease I suffer from, (PMP), is now taking me over and I will not live long and so there is so much work I am going to leave unfinished.

Between about 1990 and 2011 I was one of the founder members of Alfredston Music, along with George and Rosemary Bate, which published Viol, Vocal and Recorder music. This publishing has now ceased but some of the material is being released on sites such as the Petrucci Music Library under creative commons licenses.