Martin Grayson - Composer  

I am now resigned to be permanently ill, but it is not stopping me from editing, composing and getting about a bit, though I have not left the UK for two years now. (I have the bizarre disease PMP.)

I am largely concentrating on chamber music, particularly for modern strings, viols and recorders at the moment. I had a first performance of an orchestral work in the USA in 2011, the 3rd movement of my Viola Concerto, given by Shawn Snider with the South Shore Symphony Orchestra, in South West Florida. My Violin and Viola Duo is being played at the concerts for the homeless in Boston, Massachusetts. (I have also performed early music in Boston, Lincolnshire.....) Lots of my recent editions of long dead composer's music are being used all over the world. There are a lot of goodies from the renaissance and the baroque available on the Petrucci Music Library edited by me.

All of my original music is available in practical performing form either on IMSLP / Werner Icking (since the merger) and the guitar music on the Delcamp site. I decided I would avoid the worry of staying up all night planning how I would spend my annual 100 pounds of royalties by giving everything away. I am not a good example for young composers trying to make a living, though I would recommend giving one or two of your most practical pieces away so that people actually play your music!