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Violin Workshop March 06

Martin Christopher Gaughan -Night Pieces

( Download Gaughan1.mp3 - 725Kb )

( Download Gaughan2.mp3 - 483Kb )

( Download Gaughan3.mp3 - 785Kb )

( Download Gaughan4.mp3 - 516Kb )

What do you think? Add your comments below.

What do you think? Add your comments below.

Comments by other Members

Posted by :  aptmusic9 at 23:52 on 23 October 2008
please edit your score better. jumps in nr. 3 are unreasonable (im a violinist)

perhaps use 8va for the ledger lines.
Posted by :  Team Gaughan at 10:06 on 13 December 2008
Thank you

Good points especially about score editing

This was my first piece for over 10 years and since then I have learnt a great deal, your comments are most helpful.

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