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Sax Workshop Sept 07

Douglas DaSilva - Reason Why? Because Extract

Douglas DaSilva's "Reason Why? Because" (Extract) contained some appealing jazz-tinged textures. Joel wondered whether the opening section should be played swung?
The request to the player to "growl", whilst a very effective technique on the instrument is not effective on short notes and not at a very quiet dynamic as here.

( Download Piece - 603Kb )

What do you think? Add your comments below.

What do you think? Add your comments below.

Comments by other Members

Posted by :  DDaSilva at 19:10 on 26 September 2007
Excellent job bringing the piece to life Joel!
I originally was thinking in terms of a Brazilian Baiao rhythm when I composed this. That rhythm, as I was thinking of it can be explained as:
In 2/4 time, the capital X's being the accents:

XxxX xxXx

Now that rhythm doesn't actually occur in any of the measures except measures 3 and 5. But, the melodic rhythms that I composed over it are how I like to approach writing over that particular foundation.
The reason I'm explaining all of this is to:
A) Enhance the workshop experience
B) Explain why I would not swing the opening section. I feel that it would be contrary to what I had originally intended.

Yet, I'm betting it would sound pretty good with a swing anyway.
Posted by :  DDaSilva at 19:15 on 26 September 2007
Regarding the Growl:

Is the growl the same as a honk? If so, is it possible to get 3 honks in measures 3 and 5, each getting softer?
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