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Horn Workshop July 05

Luca Vanneschi : Aforismi

Luca Vanneschi's piece is interesting and varied. Tim found most of the piece comfortable. The following small but interesting points arose in the workshop:
  • The 'suono d'eco' (echo tone) notation on the second-to-last line. This would usually mean that the player plays the note above and hand-stops it down to the correct pitch, playing it quietly, to prevent the usual buzzy 'stopped sound' to come through. But this low in the register Tim said this is not feasible.
  • The flutter tongue in the first line is written to fade away. Tim explained that as the sound fades it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the flutter.
  • The piece uses the term cuivré. Tim explained that some composers use this to mean stopped, so there is ocassionally confusion over this. In Luca's piece there were also the + signs to symbolise stopped notes, so Tim assumed that cuivré here had its more usual meaning of a loud 'brassy' sound.
The extract performed is shown below, at written (transposed) pitch.

luca.mp3 (850Kb)

What do you think? Add your comments below.

What do you think? Add your comments below.

Comments by other Members

Posted by :  joemis at 23:22 on 23 December 2005
Well written and wll played. The title fits the music "picture" very well.
Posted by :  Vanneschi at 16:26 on 25 February 2007
Grazie a Tim Jackson per l'ottima esecuzione!
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