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Summary:Competition with 6 categories
Deadline: 31 December 2019
Date Posted: 04 December 2019
Details: The Italian Contemporary Music Society (SIMC), on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Bruno Maderna (1920 - 1973), promotes a Call in order to define a program of executive activities, conferences, record and publishing for 2020. The initiatives will develop in agreement with SIMC partner organizations and associations on the national territory


Composers can participate without limits of age and nationality, members and non-members of SIMC.

Each composer can send one or more works of a maximum duration of 7 minutes. Works may be presented in the following categories:

1. A) Aria for female Voice with free choice text
2. B) Tribute to " Musica su due dimensioni, per flauto e registrazione stereofonica " by Maderna: composition for the same staff, with audio file produced by the composer
3. C) Divertimento for harp and / or small percussion (1 performer): Tibetan bells, small bass drum, hanging plate, cymbals, 4 toms, gong, Glockenspiel, triangle, melodic, suspended plate, bell tree, maracas and similar easy to find and transportability
4. D) Serenata for instrumental ensemble from three to six instruments chosen from the following: flute, oboe, trumpet, violin, cello and piano
5. E) Madrigale to three female voices (soprano, mezzosoprano and contralto) or four mixed voices (soprano, contralto, tenor and bass) with free choice text. There are no subdivisions.

F) Special section reserved for students of Composition and Electronic Music of Italian Conservatories for a Radiodramma on free text and subject of the maximum duration of 15 minutes (electronic support by the candidates).
Entry Fee:40