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Summary:Competition for 12 musician ensemble
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 04 November 2019
Details: N.E.O. SOUND is pleased to present a new call for scores for it's 2019 - 2020 season. Composers submitting to this call will have the chance to have their works either recorded, engaged in a collaboration, and/or shared with the North East Ohio community in a public performance. We are excited to announce that we will accept over 20 works.

This call is open to composers of all ethnic backgrounds, gender identities, nationalities, and styles. We ask that interested composers please submit works which have been completed in the last 10 years. Composers who are selected for a performance are not required to attend the performance however are strongly encouraged. N.E.O. SOUND currently does not have funding to provide travel/lodging stipends.

N.E.O. SOUND is comprised of 12 musicians; a brass quintet, a woodwind quintet, a pianist, and a string bass. Unfortunately due to logistical issues we do not have access to percussion. Please use at least 5 performers from the following instrumentation:
Flute 2 Horns
Oboe 2 Trumpets
Clarinet Trombone
Bassoon Tuba
Keyboard String Bass/Guitar

Works which exceed 10 minutes in length will not be considered.

N.E.O. SOUND's judging process is anonymous, thorough, and rigorous.
The panel will be comprised of seven (7) adjudicators, consisting of four (4) internal N.E.O. SOUND musicians and three (3) external professional composers.
Composers will receive a reference number when all materials have been submitted and payment has been received.
The judging process consists of THREE (3) rounds.

Currently a recognized non-profit in the state of Ohio, we are still in need of additional support to obtain our federal 501(c) tax exemption status. In addition to this process, we do ask for a small submission fee to help offset costs pertaining to the written feedback process and operational expenses.
$20 - Submission Fee
$10 - Student Fee
Entry Fee:$10/20