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NATS Art Song Composition Award

 NATS Art Song Composition Award
Summary:Songwriting competition
Deadline: 01 December 2019
Date Posted: 26 September 2019
Details: REQUIREMENTS - The work must be:
(1) a song cycle or extended song between 13 and 25 minutes in length. Genres other than the classical “art song” are discouraged.
(2) composed for single voice and single acoustic instrument (for the first
time, solo instruments other than piano as the collaborative instrument will be accepted).
(3) English (or English translation), either in the public domain* or for which the composer has secured appropriate permission.
(4) composed within the past 2 years (after January 1, 2018).

ENTRY FEE - $30 for professionals; $15 for full-time students each entry (payable in U.S. funds to NATS).

ENTRY DEADLINE - Applications open now and will close December 1, 2019. ELIGIBILITY - Open to anyone meeting prescribed requirements.

PROCEDURE - All applications must be submitted electronically via Please read the complete details posted on the NATS website. The following are required materials for entry:

(1) A PDF copy of the song score(s). Copies must be legible and should include composition title; poet’s (or poets’) name(s); public domain status or information regarding permission; length and date of composition. THE COMPOSER’S NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ANYWHERE ON THE SCORE.
(2) Digital audio file(s) of the composition(s).
(3) Recordings must be of the highest quality possible (performance or working).
(4) The title of the composition should be the only labeling on the recording(s).
(5) The song order on the recording must match the song order of the score.
Entry Fee:$15-30