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Summary:Jazz band competition
Deadline: 15 July 2019
Date Posted: 12 June 2019
Details: ART.1 The BARGAJAZZ 2019 Contest is divided into 2 sections:

ART.2.1 The Competition is open to Italian and Foreign musicians

2.2 Members of the BargaJazz Orchestra 2019 are not eligible

2.3 Past edition winners are eligible

ART.3.1 Section A of the 2019 edition is dedicated to Dave Douglas

3.2 Arrangements must be of music by Dave Douglas

ART.4.1 Section A arrangements and Section B compositions must be orchestrated for the following line-up:
o 1st alto sax/clarinet
o 2nd alto sax/soprano
o 1st tenor sax
o 2nd tenor sax
o sax baritone/bass clarinet
o 1st trumpet
o 2nd trumpet/flugelhorn
o 3rd trumpet
o 4th trumpet/flugelhorn
o 1st trombone
o 2nd trombone
o 3rd trombone
o bass trombone
o piano
o guitar
o double bass
o drums
o vibraphone

4.2 Section A only in addition to the line-up shall include a solo part that has to be assigned to Dave Douglas.

4.3 Scores for a different line-up than the one specified here will not be accepted

ART.5.1 In order to participate in the INTERNATIONAL JAZZ ORCHESTRA ARRANGING AND COMPOSITION CONTEST it is necessary to send the following documentation by registered post with proof of receipt to the Competition secretariat, c/o COMUNE DI BARGA, VIA DI MEZZO 45, BARGA (LU), ITALIA:
o Request for participation including relevant personal details, address and telephone number
o Declaration of acceptance of the Rules and Regulations of the Competition

5.2 For Sections A and B, include:
o TWO COPIES of the full score (at least one in A3 front and back bound format), signed by the applicant, with the individual instrument parts CLEARLY WRITTEN IN DOUBLE COPY.
o CD-ROM containing PDF files of the score and individual parts, audio file by musical notation software (eg. Finale or Sibelius) stored on Cd-ROM or on other digital media.

5.4 DEADLINE (date within which applications together with the relevant material must reach the Comune of Barga):
o Sections A, B: 15th July 2019

ART.6 Submitted material will not be returned

ART.7.1 A commission nominated by the Artistic Director will select those pieces (sections A and B) which will continue onto the final phase of the Competition

7.2 The decisions of the commission will be made public by the first week in August

ART. 8 Public performances of the pieces in Sections A/B will take place in the Teatro dei Differenti in Barga on the 23th, and 24th of August 2019

ART.9 An International jury composed of musicians and journalists specialised in jazz music will evaluate the pieces in the Competition and assign prizes

ART.10.1 The following cash prizes will be awarded (gross of any duties and other deductions in accordance with legal requirements):
o Section A 1st place euro 2.500,00
o Section B 1st place euro 1.500,00

10.2 The prize giving will take place in Barga during the final evening of the event on the 24th of August 2019. The jury, whose decisions are final, may chose to make special mention of other worthy pieces or even not to assign one or more prizes

ART. 11 The event may be wholly or in part recorded for televisual promotional purposes without remuneration or mention for the participants, apart from that expressly indicated by the relevant copyright legislation.