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 Winfried Böhler Kultur Stiftung
Summary:Commission opportunity
Deadline: 07 July 2019
Date Posted: 12 June 2019
Details: Presentation of the ensembles
As part of the 7th composition competition ad libitum, the Winfried Böhler Kultur Stiftung invites composers to apply for a composition assignment for a music school ensemble.
The cooperation partner of the competition is the music school Offenburg / Ortenau , which offers the following ensembles:

Ensemble 1: string quartet
Vl (10 years), Vl (10 years), Vla (9 years), Vc (9 years)
For the respective age are good knowledge available.

Ensemble 2: bassoon trio
Fagottino (7 years), Fagottino (7 years), Fag (8 years)
Level: Children's songs

Ensemble 3: Trio for 2 clarinets and piano
Clear (11 years), Clear (13 years), Pf (13 years)
Two instrumentalists have won a first prize as a duo in the regional competition Jugend musiziert.

Ensemble 4: brass quintet or tentet
Free occupation (age of participants: 13-16 years)

Ensemble 5:
Presentation of the performance level from 1 (beginner) to 6 (entrance examination level)
Fl (15 Years, Level 3), Fl (11 Years, Level 2), Clear (16 Years, Level 4), Fg (17 Years, Level 4), Tp (12 Years, Level 2), Tb (12 Years, Level 2), Schlz (17 Years, Level 3), Pf (16 Years, Level 3), Pf (13 Years, Level 2), Vl (15 Years, Level 3), Vl (16 Years, Level 3), Vl (13 years, level 4), Vc (11 years, level 3)

The application documents should contain the following information:
• A short artistic CV
• A concept that illustrates why you apply for this job, including a sketch of how it should be designed
• Two to three work samples with compositions for different ensembles (if possible with audio samples)
• Postal and e-mail address of the composer (link to own website or link to the publisher / agency, if available)
• The completed confirmation form in case of receipt of an order composition
• Indication of personal preference for one or more ensemble (s)
Upon acceptance of a composition assignment, the composer agrees to:
• To get acquainted with the respective ensemble and the music students in order to assess their musical and technical skills
• To exchange questions with the respective ensemble directors during the composition process
• To accompany the rehearsal process and to be actively involved in samples at least once
• The duration of the composition should not exceed eight minutes

The application deadline is July 7, 2019 . Applications must be submitted digitally to A jury assesses the submitted applications and awards up to four composition commissions worth a total of up to € 10,000. The expert jury will make the selection for the assignment of the commissioned works from the submitted applications. The decision on the commissioned works will be taken by the end of July 2019. By submitting the application, the obligation to send the score of this new work to the Netzwerk Neue Musik until January 10, 2020, applies in the case of receiving a composition contract. The performance material (parts) will be provided by the composers until the end of January 2020. The prizewinners concert will take place in the summer of 2020.