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BANDO “IN VITRØ ~ Sound Art Exhibition | Call For Artists”

 BANDO “IN VITRØ ~ Sound Art Exhibition | Call For Artists”
Summary:Electronic/sound installation call
Deadline: 15 May 2019
Date Posted: 27 March 2019
Details: LOXOSconcept is a non-profit cultural centre, active in the realization of artistic installations and promoting research into the aesthetic, analytical, musicological and scientific aspects of music. LOXOSconcept is project leader for the development of the cultural program for Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 with the project IN VITRØ ~ [ artificial sonification ].

“Matera is a special place, which burns in all of us thoughts and emotions. Since this harmony of life and resist, concrete example of resilience as now, Matera is a candidate in the name of the whole southern Italy, southern Europe and all the southern hemisphere, to express and represent the forgotten cultures, those who have keys and values to unlock a deeper crisis - economic, cultural, social - hence the dominant cultures cannot get out.”

IN VITRØ ~ [ artificial sonification ] is a sound art project aiming at investigate the relationship between sound and silence through artistic works and labs in the city of Matera and in other areas of Basilicata. The project presented by LOXOSconcept is part of one of the main topic of the Matera 2019 cultural program, Ancient Futures. IN VITRØ is perfectly placed within the theme "Ancient Future" as it has the ambition to see the past in the future (a transfigured past, re-elaborated, re-created) and to move in an open future that offers as a welcoming structure of the past (not simply by preserving it, but by offering it to experimentation and creativity). The project, in fact, chooses identitary places of the past such as cisterns, hypogea, castles and abbeys, to field a reflection on silence and sound not only aimed at underlining the theme of modern acoustic bombardment, but also to offer ideas for a new acoustic ecology.

aims and development ~
LOXOSconcept invites artists to submit artistic projects on novel and unexplored paradigms of Sound Art.

The program is open to artists who want to submit sound art works or wish to carry out experimental artworks through an artistic residency in Basilicata. The works proposed may be visual art works, performances, installations.

The call is composed by TWO different categories:

a) Performances that include electronic sounds and other elements (for instance a work with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation, etc).

b) Sound Installations. This category covers sound installations/sculptures and audio-visual installations (pre-recorded or generated in real-time, interactive or not).

All entries will be pre-selected by LOXOSconcept organization (artistic direction - IT), evaluated in the arrival order and according to the following criteria: aesthetics, originality, innovation, technology and quality of the presentation. The final selection panel consists in members of all project partners: ZKM (zentrum fur kunst un medientechnologie - DE), Tempo Reale (Florence - IT), CeReNeM (Centre for Research in New Music, University of Huddersfield - UK), Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht - NL), Spaziomusica (Cagliari - IT).

During the exhibition in Matera (Sept 2019) all partners will be invited to participate in the program and may select artworks to show in their events/venues.

Regarding CeReNeM it would be at the Electric Spring festival 2020 ( Regarding Gaudeamus it would be at Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2020 (9-13 September - Regarding Tempo Reale it would be at Tempo Reale Festival 2020 (
Regarding Spaziomusica it would be at Spaziomusica festival 2020 ( Regarding ZKM (zentrum fur kunst un medientechnologie) - Karlsruhe (

A fund “Travel Grant” of 2000€ in total will be available to support the participation of the selected artists to the exhibition. The organization may provide an official invitation letter to the selected artists.

One live performance will be selected to open for Ryoichi Kurokawa’s concert on September 27th 2019, S. Pietro Caveoso square in Matera.

LOXOSconcept will :
a) organize the “IN VITRØ sound art exhibition” co-produced with Foundation Matera-Basilicata 2019;
b) provide the necessary technical equipment and professional support;
c) provide many different venues for performing art;
d) provide Audiovisual recording and photobook for all live performances;
e) publish the “IN VITRØ exhibition and performances” catalogue;
f) promote all selected artworks through partners and Matera 2019 networks;

The call is open to artists of any nationality and age.
- It is possible to submit a maximum of 2 works. The submitted work may have been performed in concert or exhibited previously.
- A non-refundable entry fee of 20,00 € (twenty/00 euros) per submission is required.
Entry Fee:€20