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International Competition “Composition for Electric Guitar”

 International Competition “Composition for Electric Guitar”
Summary:Electric Guitar Competition
Deadline: 29 July 2018
Date Posted: 31 May 2018
Details: Launched in collaboration with Award Winning performer and composer Sergio Sorrentino, in connection with the production of the new album Contemporary Music for Electric Guitar and linked with the upcoming book written by S. Sorrentino, this competition has been developed to stimulate and promote the creation of new contemporary and experimental works for electric guitar as well as discover emerging composers and more established ones.

RMN Classical will produce an album that will focus on the contemporary repertoire for electric guitar and will see Award Winning guitarist Sergio Sorrentino at the instrument. This will be RMN Classical second release devoted to the repertoire for solo instrument. The music album will be scheduled to be released autumn/winter 2018

In connection with the project is the upcoming book written by S. Sorrentino. With this book the author aims to promote such repertoire on a large-scale and includes exclusive interviews with iconic composers and hands-on views on their way of composing music for electric guitar. Among the many composers featured in the book we can find Stravinsky, Stockhausen, Steve Reich, Gavin Bryars, Morton Feldman and Bryce Dessner - to name just a few.

The same composers have been considered for inclusion in the tracklist of the album release, and RMN Music will also focus on works by living composers.

Therefore we hope to enrich the release including a worldwide premiere of a work by a talented composer selected through this competition and we look forward to receiving new works.

Application is via the Application Form. Please read the following instructions to prepare the material.

- Only original and not yet recorded scores for electric guitar solo can be submitted.
- Works for electric guitar and electronics are highly encouraged.
If your work includes electronic, please note that compositions with live electronics will be disqualified. Please send works with pre-recorded electronics/tracks (tape) only.

Maximum duration: 5 minutes
- Submitted works must not exceed 5 minutes in duration.

Age / Nationality:
- Applicants may be of any nationality and age (minimum legal age of 18 required - if you are 17 or under, please Get in Touch before applying).

Other Limits:
There is no limit to the number of works that you can submit. Therefore applicants can submit more than one work.

Multi.movement Works:
Collection of works will not count as one work and application fee should be paid accordingly.
For eg. a collection of 3 works will count as 3 separate works and application fee should be paid accordingly.

29 July 2018 (BST 11.59pm)

Application fee:
£24 - per work submitted

The application fee will be the only cost. No other fees or costs will be due

NOTE: The application is through the application form. Please do not send your information or material through email because it will be deleted and disqualified and the fee will not be refunded.

1) Prepare a folder containing the following material:
PDF of the score(s) including 300 words long description of the work(s)
Composer bio and photo in jpg
2) Please upload your folder to Dropbox (other sharing platforms can also be accepted). Please do not use WeTransfer or similar systems because their link expires. We need the link to remain active for the whole duration of the competition.
3) Generate a shareable link.
4) Paste the link in the application form (available on the application page, please follow link below to Apply).

More instructions will be provided on the application page.