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Summary:Summer Course
Deadline: 12 February 2018
Date Posted: 25 January 2018
Details: International ilSUONO Contemporary Music is a grassroots new music initiative, founded in 2016. It’s a collaboration of the Italian ensemble Suono Giallo and Greek composer Theocharis Papatrechas.

ilSUONO’s core objective is to provide up-and-coming young composers with a unique forum in which participants:
• polish musical skills through private instruction and composition seminars with renowned composers from elite institutions
• have performance opportunities by highly skilled new music instrumentalists for quality portfolio built up.

ilSUONO forms a summer music composition course in which the participant composers:
• work privately with the composers-in-residence both during and prior to the forum
• participate in master-classes and organized discussions held by the composers-in-residence around topics concerning composition and electronic music
• work closely with the instrumentalists of both the ensemble-in-residence and guest ensembles
• write new works to be extensively rehearsed and premiered by the ensemble-in-residence
• have additional performance opportunities by the guest ensembles

How To Apply
Application Deadline
February 12, 2018
(by 11:59pm, Italy time)

Application Materials
Through the online application form.

Preferred Category & Instrumental Line-Ups
In the application form, the applicant will be asked to choose the category (Mixed Media or Acoustic)
for which s/he would like to be considered and the instrumental line-ups for which s/he would be interested in writing.
Please, choose at least 2/no more than 3 line-ups!

Application Fee
An application fee of €10 should be payable through Paypal to

In case the applicant cannot proceed to and/or complete the payment of the application fee through Paypal, an alternative payment option would be through bank transfer of the amount to the following account along with a notification email with a copy of the receipt of payment (.pdf) to the email address mentioned above.

Selection committee
The selection committee will consist of Franck Bedrossian, Nicolas Tzortzis, and Laura Mancini.

Selected applicants will be notified by the end of February 2018.

Full details, please see our site: