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Composers’ Competition Opus Ignotum

 Composers’ Competition Opus Ignotum
Summary:Choir competition
Deadline: 31 May 2018
Date Posted: 18 January 2018
Details: 6th International Composers’ Competition for Compositions for Youth Choirs

National Information and Counsulting Center for Culture (NIPOS), Non-professional Art Department (ARTAMA).

Contact: Zuzana Kacafírková, kacafirkova(at), +420 778 702 375

Competition Aims:

The organizers set themselves the task of initiating and supporting creation of new works which would be distinctive in composition and accessible for interpretation and which would be of benefit for the repertoire of non-professional choirs.

Deadline: 31st May 2018

General Conditions:
Art. 1

Each composition should be sent by e-mail (address: or by post (easy legible manuscript, copy or computer printout) to the address: Zuzana Kacafirkova, Narodni informacni a poradenske stredisko pro kulturu (NIPOS), Fügnerovo namesti 1866/5, P. O. Box 12, 120 21 Praha 2, Czech Republic. Demo recordings are appreciated.

Art. 2

The competition is anonymous. Each composition should be marked by code-name only. The author should attach to an e-mail with the contest composition a text document with the data about the composer (name and address, both mail and e-mail and telephone number). If sent by mail, sheet of paper with the data about the composer should be enclosed in a sealed envelope marked by the same code-name.

Art. 3

The manuscripts, copies and printouts shall remain in the possession of the competition organizers. By entering into the competition, the author confirms his/her permission with the reproduction of his/her composition for the purpose of the potential presentation and with possible non-commercial publishing for NIPOS.

Art. 4

Any failure to meet any of the requirements mentioned results in the composition refusal from the competition.

Art. 5

The accurate and complete terms and conditions of the competition in Czech and English are for your disposal on the website of NIPOS-ARTAMA ( In case of any doubts or ambiguity of their interpretation, the decisive version is Czech.

Competition Rules:
Art. 6

Composers, without any limitations, may enter into the competition with their compositions for youth choirs (mixed, female, male), written on a text of their choice – preferably in Czech, Slovak or Latin language – or alternatively in other language.

All texts, submitted in languages which use other than Roman alphabet, should be underlined with phonetic transcription in the Roman alphabet (including the names of the authors of both lyrics and music) and accompanied with a rough translation into Czech or English language.

Art. 7

We recommend to apply the compositions for

female cast: four-part (soprano I, soprano II, alto I, alto II) or three-part (soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto)

male cast: four-part (tenor I, tenor II, bass I, bass II) or three-part (tenor, baritone, bass)

mixed cast: four-part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass)

Those parts should not be further divided.

Recommended range in individual voices, taking into account the age singers:

soprano: maximum pitch g2

alto: maximum pitch g

tenor: maximum pitch e1

bass: maximum pitch G

The applied composition should be a cappella (with the possible use of percussion), based principally on singing, with the possible use of other means of expression or spoken words. The individual composition should be 2 – 4 minutes in length.

Art. 8

Each composer can enter into the competition with only one composition for each cast type which has never been awarded in any competition nor commercially published (i.e. up to 3 compositions in total).

Art. 9

The composition should be sent to the organizer of the Competition till 31st May 2018 (postage stamp date is the deciding factor).

Art. 10

The results of the competition will be announced officially in October 2018. The winning compositions, that obtain the required number of points, will be performed during the 11th National Competition of Youth Choirs, will get financial reward and will be published by NIPOS.