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Summary:Call for Choral Scores
Deadline: 24 March 2018
Date Posted: 21 December 2017
Details: ‘Songs of Travel’ call for choral scores deadline: 24 March 2018

City Chorus ( is an unauditioned mixed choir in London UK. Our summer 2018 concert is entitled Songs of Travel, and we would love to include new pieces on this theme.
In the following guidelines, “You” and “Your” refer to the composer/arranger submitting scores, “We” and “Us” refer to City Chorus.

All composers and arrangers, without any restriction, are welcome to submit scores. You may submit only one piece.

Your piece should be scored for mixed choir, in four parts (SATB) or three parts (SABar).
Also possible are pieces that are flexibly scored for any voices (e.g. “group I / group II / group III”). Please do not exceed four vocal parts in total. No divisi. No solos.
Your piece can have piano accompaniment, or be written for voices unaccompanied. No other instruments are available.

Theme & Style
Your piece should relate in some way to the theme of travel. You are welcome to interpret this as literally or as metaphorically as you like!
We are not looking for any one particular musical style. In fact, we are hoping for a wide range of approaches, in order to make our final programme as interested and as varied as possible.
We welcome both original compositions and arrangements of existing music.
Please bear in mind that we are an unauditioned amateur choir. Some of our members read music, while others learn primarily by ear. Our singers are prepared to work hard learning new repertoire, but pieces written with advanced chamber choirs or professional vocal ensembles in mind will probably not be suitable for us. Do not exceed four parts (i.e. no divisi passages).

You retain copyright of music submitted.
You should submit only material for which you hold copyright – not pieces that have been assigned to publishers or agents or third parties.
Your music will not be copied or performed without your permission.
If you use, quote or adapt any musical or text material that is not in the public domain, then you must send written evidence of permission from the copyright holder. Please note that, according to European law, intellectual property enters the public domain 70 years after the death of the creator. So, for example, words by a poet who died in 1950 (even if the poem itself was published in 1895), would still be under copyright.

Your piece
It’s OK if the submitted piece has already been performed or recorded.
2-5 minutes is our preferred length, but shorter and longer pieces will be considered too.
Your score should be A4 or letter size, portrait format.
Make sure your score has a title, page numbers and bar/measure numbers, and that your name and the source of the text is listed.

Your piece can use any words, in any language.
If the text(s) used is/are not in the public domain, then you must have permission from the copyright holder.
For languages other than English, French, Italian, German and Latin, please include a phonetic guide for English-speaking singers.

Performance(s) and recording
Our “Songs of Travel” concert will be held on 6 July 2018 at St Pancras Parish Church, London – and we will be taking most of the same musical selection on tour to the Isle of Man (one or two performances, details tbc, 28/29 July 2018). We hope to have our concerts recorded, though we cannot guarantee this. If performances are recorded, we will share the recording with selected composers. We will not distribute or make the recording public without your permission.

Financial arrangements
There’s no fee to submit a score.
For each piece that we select, we will pay the composer/arranger a fee of GBP100 (one hundred pounds sterling), for permission to print out a set of copies.
Payment will be by cheque or PayPal only, in British pounds.
You will be responsible for any bank charges, recipient fees, or currency conversion charges, and for paying your own tax on this income.
We will keep copies of your piece, and you will give us permission to perform it in the future, for no additional fee.
Please submit your score by 11.59pm (GMT) on Saturday 24 March 2018
We cannot take responsibility for items lost in the post, or for non-delivery of emails.

What to send
A score of your piece, clearly marked with your name, and the source of the text.
Please name PDF files “composer surname – title” (for example: “Schubert – Winterreise”). Include your contact details in your message (if submitting via email), or in a covering letter (if submitting by post).
Include written permission to use any copyright material.
Send the PDF as an email attachment to or a printed copy in the post to:
City Chorus call for scores, Flat 44, New Atlas Wharf, 3 Arnhem Place, London E14 3SS (UK). Scores will not be returned.

What not to send
Please don’t send Sibelius or Finale files, or jpegs, etc – PDFs, or hard copies, only.
Please don’t send recordings, photographs, CVs, catalogues, etc.
Please don’t send more than one piece.
Please don’t send music scored for more than four vocal parts, or that has no connection to the theme of travel, or that requires soloists or any instruments except piano.
Please don’t ask us to download your piece from a website, or dropbox, or shared folder, etc. Send it as an attachment to an email message, or as a printed copy in the post.

We will acknowledge receipt of your entry, and will inform you if your piece has been selected or not. We will be unable to enter into any further correspondence.
From this call-for-scores hope to choose three pieces for performance. Maybe more, maybe fewer. And it is possible (though we hope this will not be the case) that none of the submitted pieces is suitable for our concert.


Thankyou for your creative contribution. Please don’t be disappointed if your piece is not selected. It may be that you have written a wonderful work that just isn’t quite suitable for this particular choir at this particular time.
Composers and arrangers whose work is selected will be offered four free tickets, and everyone who submits a piece will be offered one free ticket, to our London concert on 6 July 2018.

We cannot pay for travel or accommodation.

Information correct at time of going to press (1 December 2017).