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Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop

 Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop
Summary:Call For Participants
Deadline: 20 December 2017
Date Posted: 29 November 2017
Details: The second annual Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop will take place on Saturday, March 3rd, 2018 at the University of Oklahoma School of Music's Catlett Music Center in Pitman Recital Hall. Sessions will take place starting in the morning, and run through the whole day.

Participation is FREE!

Participants must be currently enrolled in classes at a University in OK, MO, AK, KS, or TX or have residency status in one of the aforementioned states and be currently taking composition lessons from a professor at a recognized University.

Composers meeting the above requirements are invited to submit up to two works for consideration. (These may be Acoustic, Electronic, or both!) If a work is selected, but the composer would prefer to bring the other work that wasn't accepted, this can be done by emailing the director of the workshop with ample notice (at least a week in advance of the workshop). The director of the workshop reserves the right to deny this request for logistical reasons, should they come up.

The submitted works may be recently completed, partially completed, in an early sketch stage, or even at the conceptual stage. All stages of the compositional process are welcome, and in-progress works are encouraged!

Selected composers will be notified on or before January 20th if their work is to be included on the event. If, at this time, you or your performers cannot make it to the workshop, you must let the workshop staff know so we can try to fill your spot in a timely manner to properly accomodate aspiring participants.

The entire event is free and open to the public. The event will be advertised in the Oklahoma City metro area, as well as the final concert presented by the New Century Improv! Ensemble.

Performers are provided by the composer wishing to participate. If the participating composer wishes, they may seek out local musicians from the University of Oklahoma, or elsewhere to perform their music. The Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop is not obligated to help you find performers.

Attendance is mandatory, as you will be presenting your music and (hopefully) receiving feedback you receive to either finish the piece or improve your craft as a whole. Not to mention, attendance is the only way to meet the composers next door! So come say hi, and make valuable contacts for your career in composition, or meet a performer you'd like to collaborate with on a future work.

Each session features 4-6 composers, and composers are encouraged to use the allocated time between sessions to sound-check their ensemble(s) (where applicable). The sessions are not concerts, lecture recitals, or anything of the formal sort. They are informal presentations, to a room filled with your colleagues. That being said: You may wish to 'practice' talking about your music to an audience. In this case, we are your captive audience!

Available technology includes:
Projector System with HDMI/VGA inputs
Up to 8-channel surround sound system for electroacoustic demonstrations
Laptop computer preloaded with Protools, Max 7, Studio One, PureData, Sibelius, Finale, and Dorico (bring your own license key for use of any of this software)

All sessions will be recorded, and made available online for composers to use as seen fit. A composer may request that their part in the session not be included in the event archive by emailing the event director within 24 hours of the workshop's conclusion. Requests to omit a piece's inclusion after the recordings are made available online will be accepted, though not on a strict timeline.

The exact schedule of the day's events will be posted no later than one month before the workshop commences. All sessions happen on the same day, in the same building, same hall.

After the event concludes, composers are welcome to attend a 5:00pm concert of works by OU students and recent alumni featuring the New Century Improv! Ensemble.

Deadline: December 20th

To submit, please place the following in a folder [OKSCW_LastName] on dropbox, and send a public share link to: from a valid '.edu' email address, with the subject line:"Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop Submission" .
1 PDF of Score [LastName_Title.pdf]
2 Recording of the piece(s) in either wav or Mp3 format [LastName_Title.wav/.Mp3]
3 List of requirements [for electronics or percussion] in PDF format [LastName_Title_Requirements.pdf]

Oklahoma Student Composers Workshop