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Seconds Concert Series

 Seconds Concert Series
Summary:Call for pieces that have been performed once
Deadline: 31 December 2017
Date Posted: 23 November 2017
Details: Seconds Concert Series is seeking submissions of gently-used new music for its inaugural series of three concerts this coming Spring in Boston, MA. Seconds will address a crucial need in the Boston new music scene by performing works by emerging professional composers that have been premiered and have not yet received a second performance.

As creators of new music, particularly in such an active scene as Boston, it’s both our privilege and responsibility to establish a performance practice and sustainable repertoire of works. There are so many fantastic opportunities for emerging composers to work with ensembles on premiering new works, however relying solely on this model is not the most efficient use of the new music scene’s resources. We will perform carefully curated concerts of gently-used new music that allow the performers, composers, and works to grow and benefit from experience, time, and hindsight. It is our hope that Seconds will foster a network of relationships between emerging professional composers and performers that runs deeper than premiere-specific events.

Seconds Concert Series will consist of three concerts in the Boston area: one in a conservatory space, one in a gallery space, and one in a new music concert venue. Each concert will feature works by 1-3 composers that have been premiered, but have not had a second performance

Seconds is seeking submissions for original works by emerging professional composers that have received a public premiere, but have not had a second performance. There are no age restrictions or degree/location requirements. Although we will not have the opportunity to include all submissions in our initial series, we are very interested in building relationships with composers that will reach beyond the first iteration of our series.

Works involving some instruments/performers from our roster of core performers are encouraged, but submissions involving other instruments/performers will be considered. Ensemble size is a necessary consideration for programming, but ensembles of any size are acceptable. Submissions with electronics should include a description of materials/equipment/personnel required.

Seconds Concert Series Core Performers
Voice: soprano, baritone/actor
Strings: violin, viola, cello
Winds/Brass: clarinet (including bass), saxophone (alto and tenor), flute, bassoon (including contra), bass trombone
Percussion: two players (please include instrument list)

Works of any style are encouraged. As performers, we represent a wide variety of experience and areas of interest including opera/theater, dance/circus performing, electronics, new complexity, sound installation, neo-just about anything, performance art, and any sort of experimentation—and we’re always looking to learn something new.

By December 31st, 2017, please e-mail PDF copies (via Google Drive) of complete scores (including any pertinent instructions/notes) to, along with a brief email of introduction—tell us a little about yourself and your music. If available, please provide links (via Google Drive) to recordings (please do not send MIDI realizations).

Seconds Concert Series
Joshua Scheid, artistic director