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Toronto Symphony Orchestra Reading Session

 Toronto Symphony Orchestra Reading Session
Summary:Chance to have orchestral score played
Deadline: 16 February 2018
Date Posted: 09 November 2017
Details: The Toronto Symphony Orchestra, in collaboration with the Canadian Music Centre, is pleased to offer a reading session for Canadian composers. The purpose of the session is to offer composers an opportunity to hear their works rehearsed in a professional orchestral setting, while gaining experience working alongside a professional organization. Participants will receive feedback from Composer Advisor Gary Kulesha, and will have an opportunity to engage in constructive dialogue with members of the orchestra, the Principal Librarian, and the RBC Affiliate Composer.

Reading Session Details:
Date: Saturday, April 28, 2018
Time: 10:00am–1:30pm
Location: Roy Thomson Hall, 60 Simcoe Street, Toronto

• Open to all Canadian composers, with no age restrictions.
• Each composer may submit one work for consideration.
• Works must not have been commissioned by a professional orchestra. Previously performed works are eligible. Unperformed (or underperformed) works are encouraged.
• There is no duration limit, though shorter works (under eight minutes) are encouraged. An excerpt or movement from a longer work may also be considered.
• Submissions should not exceed the following instrumentation: 3333|4431|timp + 3|hp|kybd|strings. Works requiring vocals or electronics are not eligible. Concertos are not eligible.
• The chosen composers are expected to attend reading session activities (details below). If a selected composer is unable to attend the reading, another work will be chosen.

Submission Guidelines:
Composers are required to submit electronically. Please use the online submission form to provide the following:

• Orchestral score (PDF)
o Compositions should be submitted anonymously, with a pseudonym on the score. The composer’s name, contact information, and address will be submitted through independent fields in the online form that will not be forwarded to the jury.
• Audio recording (mp3), if available, of the submitted work. Audio files will be uploaded through the online form. MIDI realizations are acceptable.

DEADLINE: Friday, February 16, 2018
The online form will be closed at midnight (12:00am EST) on Saturday, February 17.

Selection Process:
• A maximum of four composers will be selected to participate in the reading session. The scores will be chosen by a jury consisting of a representative musician from the orchestra, RBC Affiliate Composer Jordan Pal, and an external composer (TBD) chosen in consultation with the Canadian Music Centre.
• Successful applicants will be contacted within two weeks of the submission deadline.

Preparation of Score and Parts for Reading Session:
• Successful applicants will have the opportunity to meet with TSO Principal Librarian Gary Corrin, and RBC Affiliate Composer Jordan Pal at the TSO library on February 27, 2018 (details below; time TBC). There will be an opportunity to review formatting details before the parts are extracted and printed by the composer (details to follow). A list of requirements will be provided to the composer in preparation for the March 21, 2018 score and parts deadline.
• The successful applicant must be able to deliver printed parts and two large format conductor scores by March 21, 2018. Parts and scores should meet all professional standards as outlined.

Summary of Activities:

Library Session: In advance of the reading session, there will be a library session led by TSO Librarian Gary Corrin. The session will cover part preparation techniques in advance of the composer’s own extraction and printing of his/her parts for the reading session. Although attendance is encouraged, teleconferencing options will be made available for composers residing outside Toronto who are unable to attend the library session.

Reading Session: The reading session will take place on Saturday April 28, 2018, at Roy Thomson Hall, from 10:00am to 12:30pm. All composers must be able to attend in person. The reading session will be followed by two feedback sessions: 1) with Composer Advisor Gary Kulesha and RBC Affiliate Composer Jordan Pal, and 2) with representative musicians from the orchestra’s woodwind, brass, percussion, and string sections. The TSO’s and CMC’s social media channels will be used to promote the participating composers.

All inquiries should be sent to:
Susana Almeida
416.593.7769 X 263