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Call for Proposals on Sound Art

 Call for Proposals on Sound Art
Summary:Sound Art Call
Deadline: 01 December 2017
Date Posted: 05 October 2017
Details: The Núcleo Música Nova (State University of Paraná/CNPq) and the Criação Musical, Gesto e Processos de Interação Artística (Federal University of Paraná/CNPq) Research Groups, organizers of the International Symposium of New Music 2018, inform that proposals for the exhibition of sound art works will be received between October 1st and December 1st, 2017. This edition of SiMN 2018 will focus on the dialogue between the fields of electroacoustic music, sound art and experimental music, encouraging their integration with other art forms.

1. Categories
1.1 SiMN 2018 will accept artistic proposals that emphasize the use of sound in within the categories of performance, installation, sound sculpture, intervention, audiovisual works, among others.

2. Submission
2.1. Submissions are free of charge and should contain:
2.1.1. Application Form (PDF), included in Appendix I of this document.
2.1.2. Artistic Portfolio with three works (links to audiovisual recordings and, optionally, complementary materials).
2.1.3. Artistic Proposal, containing: Descriptive project of the work. Expographic project and sketch.
Sole Paragraph: The exhibition’s expography will be elaborated based on characteristics described by proponents. Expographic projects for each proposal should detail the essential characteristics of spatial arrangements. Assembly and disassembly schedule, when relevant.
Paragraph 1: Exhibition will open on September 17th, 2018 and it will remain opened during the expected period of 30 days. The exhibition schedule will be defined before March 1st, 2018.
Paragraph 2: After consultation, the production team of SiMN 2018 can provide the disassembly of the work and to dispatch the materials through courier services. The applicant will be responsible for transporting fees and respective taxes.
2.2. Proposals shall be accepted from both Brazilian and foreign nationals aged 18 or older.
2.3. The submissions should be sent to:

3. Selection
3.1. The curatorial commission will select proposals according to the artistic/conceptual relevance and the technical feasibility for implementation of the project. In case any text interpretation dispute arises, the Portuguese version of the current call of proposals shall prevail.
4. It is the responsibility of the proponent:
4.1. To provide all the equipment and materials required by its proposal.
4.2. To authorize the use of sound and image to documentation and advertising of the event. 4.3. To obtain copyright permissions of any third party material, when necessary.
4.3. To obtain copyright permissions of any third party material, when necessary.
4.4. To transport the work to the exhibition venue and to withdraw the materials during the approved schedule, assuming all related expenses.
4.5. To provide maintenance to the works during the entire exhibition, when necessary.
4.6. To provide insurance for the work or equipment, if deemed necessary.
4.7. There will be no payment or funding of any kind (fees, acquisition of equipment, adjustments to the exhibition space by artists’ request, travel funding, among others).

5. It is the responsibility of the International Symposium of New Music 2018:
5.1. To provide the presentation venue.
5.2 To provide equipment for shared use, such as sound and video projection in performance spaces. All requests should be approved in advance.
5.3. Publicize the event to the community, providing virtual and/or printed invitations.