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Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica

 Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica
Summary:Call for Double Bass Works
Deadline: 27 September 2017
Date Posted: 13 September 2017
Details: On behalf of BASS2018LUCCA, the Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne in Musica has set up an international call for a work for double bass and orchestra. Scores will first be adjudicated by the Foundation’s International Reading Commission (composers from Austria/ China/ Cyprus/ Italy/ Luxembourg/ Slovenia/ South Africa) and 15 scores will be chosen. A second Jury presided over by Fabrizio Papi, Director of ISSM “Luigi Boccherini” of Lucca and including Gian Paolo Mazzoli, Gabriele Ragghianti and Alberto Bocini will make the final choice. The Work chosen will be mandatory set piece for participants in final public rounds of the Solo Double Bass Competition during BASS2018Lucca (Italy) from 30th July to 5th August 2018. The author of the chosen work will be offered a publishing contract by one of Germany’s oldest and most prestigious publishers FRIEDRICH HOFMEISTER MUSIKVERLAG.

Rules and Regulations:
1) This call is open to women composers of all nationalities, ages, working in all genres.
2) Instrumentation requested: Four-stringed Double Bass and Orchestra – woodwind brass 1 timpani, 2 percussionists. Harp, strings,1 Due to the tuning of the double bass, the soloist’s part must be written a tone lower than the desired effect and of other instruments

3) Duration – 8 minutes

4) Works should use traditional notation without extended techniques, prepared instruments or complicated changes of rhythm.
5) Compositions, ideally containing references (elements, themes, melodies) linked to the music by Lucchesi composer, Francesco Geminiani, should preferably be in two sections or movements with contrasting characteristics; one with elements highlighting the melodic and cantabile capacities of the instrument and the other using more technical and virtuoso elements.
6) Scores to be submitted in PDF files to: marked “BASS 2018 LUCCA”. Do not send recordings or MP3 files.
7) Please also send a 10 line biography including nationality, contact address, date and place of birth (in Times New Roman 12) as WORD file.
8) Deadline for submission: 27th September 2017
9) Submission fee of Euro 25,00 for administrative costs, by Paypal ( All payments receive regular tax receipts.
10) For (a) copies of PDF scores by Francesco Geminiani, (b) general queries or (c) information about other methods of payment please