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Summary:Solo with string orchestra competition
Deadline: 31 March 2017
Date Posted: 13 March 2017
Details: The Sofia International Composition competition is an annual event, organized by Sofia Municipality and Krasno Selo Cultural Center with the assistance of the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble.

Participation rules

1. The Competition is open to participants of all countries, born after 1974.
2. The presented works have to be composed for a string orchestra of 14 performers (4-4-3-2-1) and solo trumpet (flugelhorn or cornet) by composerís choice.
3. Each competitor may present one composition or series of works with duration no less than 10 and no more than 15 minutes. The score is to be a computer printout or a clear manuscript.
4. The compositions should not be previously performed in public, published or recorded in studio.
5. All competitors must send, until 31th of March 2017 (certified by a post office stamp), the following materials in joint package:
а/ a sealed envelope containing 2 copies of the score of the composition;
b/ a sealed non transparent envelope, containing the participantís name, address, telephone, e-mail and a short artistic biography;
c/ a sealed envelope, containing the participantís declaration accepting all terms of the Competition and stating that his composition has not been previously performed, published or recorded in studio.
6. The Competition is anonymous. On the right corner of each scoreís title page a random number of five figures will be written instead of the authorís name. The same number will be put on the rest of the envelopes with the competitorís information.
7. No other marks, breaking the anonymity, are allowed on the envelopes and the scores (besides the five figures number). The presence of another mark will be a reason for technical disqualification of the candidates.
8. The entries should be sent to:

41, Tsar Boris III blvd
1612 Sofia, Bulgaria
Krasno Selo Cultural Center
ďSofia 2016ĒCompetition
fax + 359 2 9516273

The necessary documents are:
Artistic biography and a photo;
Declaration - standard form
9. By applying for the Competition each candidate accepts the regulations of this Statute.
10. The submitted scores will not be returned.

The Jury
1. An international jury of outstanding composers, conductors and musicians will evaluate the works.
2. "The Sofia City Mayor will appoint the jury, consisting of one president and four members.".
3. The works evaluation deadline is July the 30th 2016.
4. The jury is entitled not to award a prize, or to divide the prizes.
5. The decisions of the jury are final and are not to be reviewed.

The Prizes
The following prizes are provided:
Іst Prize - 3 000 leva/1500 euro
ІІnd Prize - 2 000 leva/1000 euro
ІІІrd Prize - 1 000 leva/500euro

A Prize awarded by the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble Ė 1000 leva /500 Euro
1. The Prizes should be officially declared and delivered no later than October 2016, during the ceremony the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble will perform the awarded compositions.
2. The organizers of the Competition should contract the recording and the broadcasting of the concert, or part of it. They reserve the rights to photograph, to film, record and distribute the performances without copyrights or compensatory payments to the authors and the performers.
3. The organizers provide free hotel accommodation in Sofia for the winners, for three days.
4. The competitors will travel at their own expense.
The organizers are entitled to change the regulations - in that case they have to inform the competitors, no later than 30 days, asking for their consent to participate in the competition in compliance with the new conditions, with a resolution of the Sofia City Council.