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Stay Dharma Composition Competition

 Stay Dharma Composition Competition
Summary:Choral Competition
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 18 January 2017
Details: Category Musica Sacra (MS)
In this category, the participants create works with the theme song ecclesiastical compositions (sourced from the liturgy) intended to glorify the Creator.

Category Musica Profana (MPR)
In this category the participants create works with the theme of the composition is not a worldly or religious music, may be the work of the theme of love, environment, beauty, justice, love of the homeland, and so forth

Participants fill out the registration form choral composition competition (form. B1) and pay a participation fee.

Send the registration form, payment slip (complete with news of payment), the work of the composition in the form of pdf, midi of composition and a statement composer (form. B2 can be downloaded from the website of the committee) via e-mail with the subject "REGISTRATION CCC-SDGNCF2017-NAME PARTICIPANTS '; eg: REGISTRATION CCC-SDGNCF2017-Daniswara, via post or may be submitted directly to the secretariat of the committee SDGNCF 6th 2017.

-Choral composition competition open common to all composers of Indonesian nationality with a maximum age limit of 35 years (not yet 35th birthday on May 16, 2017).
-Artistic team, jury and expert 6th 2017 SDGNCF not allowed to take part in this competition.
-The composition is made in the block notation, a capella with a sound composition of the mixture (S A T B / Bar) and a maximum duration of four (4) minutes.
-The composition of musica sacra had to use Latin.
-Composition musica profana must use Indonesian.
-Especially for the category musica profana, the use of lyrics or poetry belongs to someone else (not in the minds of the participants), a permit is the responsibility of the participant.
-The composition must be made after January 1, 2017, and the work has never been published, has not been included in similar competitions, and has never been performed or displayed by a particular choir. Violation of this provision, will lead to disqualification can be a participant in this competition.
Each participant may submit a maximum of two works of composition in each category.
-The composition can be made by hand or using a program (software), such as: Sibelius, finalle, encore, and so forth; but the composition submitted must be in pdf format (portrait and A4 paper size) that are attached between the pages (not each page separately used as a pdf). In addition to handing composition in the form of pdf, participants are also required to submit a midi of the composition.
The work that has been submitted to the committee will not be refunded, but the copyright remains in the hands of the composer.