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Elektro Arts Acousmatic, Visual Music and Dance Festival

 Elektro Arts Acousmatic, Visual Music and Dance Festival
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: 31 March 2017
Date Posted: 18 January 2017
Details: The Babeș-Bolyai University, the Art and Design University, and the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Elektro Arts.

The Festival will be hosting a Call for Electro-acoustic Works, which has always been committed to showcasing Digital Art. The Festival will take place on May 12th and May 13th, 2017 on the beautiful venues of Cluj-Napoca. Festival venues include Casa Matei Gallery and Music Academy Studio Hall.

Open Call for Works

Established or emerging sound artists are invited to submit their original works from the wide spectrum of electro-acoustic music. The theme for the Festival in 2017 is Diversity.


Despite of the style variety, preference will be given to music for fixed media assembled around 1-6 channels, with a duration of maximum 15 minutes. Only one work per composer is allowed. However, there is no age limit or nationality restriction.


We will consider works for the following discrete audio channels setups:

• • 1-channel = C
• • 2-channels = C and LFE
• • 2-channels = L and R
• • 3-channels = L, R, and LFE
• • 4-channels = L, R, SL, and SR
• • 5-channels = L, R, SL, SR, and LFE
• • 6-channels = L, R, C, SL, SR, and LFE


Send your work by a web transfer service. There are a number of options for sending audio files over the Internet such as WeTransfer, pCloud and PlusTransfer. All submission files need to be sent electronically. Please do not send any attachments.

The following electronic materials and information are required as well:

• Submission Form (download the form from our website
• Biography of the artist (in English, maximum 200 words, RTF / DOC format)
• Program Notes of the submitted work (in English, maximum 200 words, RTF / DOC format)
• MP3 stereo-mix of the work (16-bit, 44.1-kHz, 192-kbps)
• CD-quality audio files of the work. Read more about this at Technical specifications.

Complete details of the submission process are also found online at

Submission fee
There is no submission fee.

Technical specifications

• Format: AIF / WAV audio files @ 16-bit & 44.1-kHz (non-interleaved and stem- mix)

• Normalization: -1dB

• Filename: we encourage you to use the standard convention for filenames as follows

L = Front Left
R = Front Right
C = Center
SL = Surround Left
SR = Surround Right
LFE = Low Frequency Effect / Subwoofer

Example of naming the files of a 2-track composition:

“your_name_L” and “your_name_R”


The works must be received by Friday, March 31st, 2017. For submission information, please see above.


A notification of acceptance will be sent to successful composers via email by Monday, May 1st, 2017. Selection criterion is based on the quality of the work. All selection decisions are at the discretion of the Elektro Arts international team.

Elektro Arts Events

Our aim for this open Call is to select electro-acoustic works of high-quality and unique, and to sustain multidisciplinary innovation among artists and scholars involved in digital arts. The two-day Festival will focus on live diffusion of electro- acoustic music, visual music, alongside installation and dance performance. Our vision is to uphold Digital Arts and make them accessible to the public.


PhD Adrian Borza

Academia de Muzică “Gheorghe Dima”
Elektro Arts
I.C. Brătianu 25, Cluj-Napoca, 400079 România