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Ablaze Records Mastertapes Series

 Ablaze Records Mastertapes Series
Summary:Recording Opportunity
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 25 August 2016
Details: Have you got a great recording of your original composition that you would like issued on a commercially released CD? Now is your chance with the ABLAZE Records call for Mastertapes.

Send a CD of your mastertape (digital recordings only please) to us for your chance to win a place on our Millennial Masters, Vol. 8 CD. If our expert panel of composers and audio engineers chooses your work, you will win a spot on our EIGHTH Millennial Masters CD. This will entitle you to a partially subsidized commercial release of your work worldwide.

1. The works can be for any ACOUSTIC medium.
2. For any works involving texts the composer must also submit proof of copyright clearance and permission for use on a commercial recording.
3. The work should preferably be a studio (rather than a ‘live’) recording
4. Works must be fully edited/mixed to a version suitable for mastering to a CD publication
5. Works must be in digital format (to at least 44.1K sample rate and at 24 bit resolution)
6. Include notes about the performers, composer and work

What we are looking for:
1. Very high quality recordings
2. Very high quality compositions
3. Very high quality performances

Who is Eligible:
Any composer without restriction as to style of music, age or nationality may submit a mastertape for consideration.

Submission Deadline
APRIL 1, 2017