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Creative Data Club

 Creative Data Club
Summary:Forum for Sharing Creative Ideas
Deadline: 13 May 2014
Date Posted: 08 May 2014
Details: The Creative Data Club was founded by Sound and Music and VAGA (the Visual Arts Galleries Association).

The idea is to link together people who want to explore how we use data in imaginative and playful ways. For cultural organisations the opportunities for how we build audiences, develop fundraising, and grow our sustainability are huge. In those same cultural organisations, awareness of that opportunity - and awareness that data can be a creative thing - is low.

So we thought it would be useful to gather people interested in creative data together - and so we set-up the Creative Data Club for anyone interested in culture, data, and creativity. And talking about those things.

Before you do bear in mind that there are four rules that govern the Creative Data Club:

Everyone has something to learn, nobody knows it all (or should pretend they do)
Everyone has some experience or knowledge to share, not just people with lots of technical expertise
Everyone wants to remain free to make their own choices, so we are not going to just bang on about one platform
Everyone in Creative Data Club knows data is a big idea with the potential to change the way we work

- In other words, all condescending stares will get you banned from Creative Data Club.

Date: Tuesday 13 May // London
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