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Summary:chamber works
Deadline: 28 February 2014
Date Posted: 02 December 2013
Details: General Bases
This competition is open to composers of any nationality, without age restriction.
The objective of the competition is to encourage and promote new chamber music composition within alternative forums, and thus open the world of contemporary music to a new audience.
1) Studio recording of the work.
2) Inclusion of the work in the next Orkvs ensemble record.
Interpretation of the work during the tours and concerts of Orkvs ensemble.

Terms and Conditions
a) Characteristics of the Works.
The works must be written for the following instrumentation: English Horn (alternating with Oboe), Clarinet in Bb (alternating with Bass Clarinet in Bb,
lowest pitch D3 in concert pitch), Hand Multi Percussion (Three Congas, Djembe, Cajon, Darbouka, Udu), Viola, Violoncello and five stringed Double Bass (B, E, A, D, G).
The works may include sections of improvisation for an instrument with written accompaniment for the other instruments, improvisation sections for all instruments of improvisation maps.
The Works may also be written without any improvisation sections, using
traditional and non traditional notation. Non
traditional notation symbology must be clearly explained.
The length of the Works must be between two and ten minutes in duration.
The works must not have been awarded any previous prizes or mentions, as well as Publisher, premiered or broadcasted; however, works written before this competition was launched Hill be accepted.
Musical style is completely free.

b) Submission.
The following materials Hill be sent by email to
1. Store in PDF format.
2. Individual parts in PDF format.
3. Data sheet that includes:
a. Name of the work.
b. Name of the composer.
c. Nationality and place of residence.
d. Contact information (phone number, email, etc.)
4. Short programme note on the work.
5. Short biography of the composer.
Hand written works will be accepted as long as they are clean, legible and have excellent presentation.
The deadline for submission is February 28th 2014.
There isn’t a maximum number of works that can be submitted per composer.
c) Selection and Results.
Orkvs ensemble and an invited juror will judge the works.
There may be multiple winning works.
The decision of the jury will be unquestionable.
The results will be published on the website of Orkvs ensemble:
during the last week of March 2014
Web Site: