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Miniaturised Concertos | Maché call 2

 Miniaturised Concertos | Maché call 2
Summary:Prize for concerti
Deadline: 15 December 2013
Date Posted: 27 August 2013
Details: As part of the Miniaturised Concertos project, we're developing Maché which includes scores/images/texts/other materials from a number of composers which began with a residency at The Banff Centre in Canada. The first call from Autumn 2012 includes ideas from Emma Ruth Richards, Andrew Morgan, Rich Perks, Helen Papaioannou, Dominic Murcott, Rowland Sutherland, Richard Glover and Joel Bell. We'll be recording and mixing throughout the year with composer Duncan MacLeod.

If you're interested in getting involved, please email Kate for further info.

Maché is part of the Miniaturised Concertos project for piano duo. We are inviting composers to submit ‘strands’ that we may use to form a larger composition. Your strand should last 5 minutes. For the final composition we may split it, superimpose it on other materials, or otherwise develop it. We ask you to submit your 5 minutes of material in music notation, or words, or diagrams, or instructions for improvisation, or any other intelligible form of expression. You may also wish to use other keyboard-based instruments (list provided below), low tech mixers/samplers such as kaoss, loop or midi controllers/laptop. Arrangement and discussion of materials has been with made in partnership with Agustin Fernandez, Newcastle University.Further recorded mixes using all the selected materials, will be developed with composer Duncan MacLeod during 2013 and made into a series of concertos for album. You may be required to take part in the production and mixing of material. We are also interested in preparing live settings of the material.Core instrumentation: 2 acoustic grandsAdditional instrumentation: Keyboard, harmonium, melodicas sop/alto, harpsichord, accordion(subject to availability). Other suggestions welcome.Extended techniques: We have been working with extended techniques recently for our Quantulum commissions and welcome inclusion of these.Tech: Any hard/software such as loop, kaoss pads, midi controllers etc must be pre-arranged and tried out in advance and be able to be loaned (and insured) to us for the duration of the recording, unless you are present. Any samples/patches etc must be uploaded/compatible with what we have in advance also.
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