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QNG is turning 15

 QNG is turning 15
Summary:Prize for recorder scores`
Deadline: 01 August 2013
Date Posted: 19 July 2013
Details: QNG is an extraordinary recorder quartet that introduces its audiences to fascinating new worlds of sound. What music are you hearing right now? Sometimes, the outlines start to blur, and it is exciting to see how the boundaries between Early and New Music start to vanish. The recorder family is surprisingly versatile, with a vast quantity of different types. Working closely together with current-day composers, these four female musicians draw hitherto undreamed-of sonorities from their recorders. You have never heard the recorder played this way before, so be prepared to experience some acoustic surprises.

QNG is turning 15 and we would like to celebrate this with all of you! Compose a 15 second miniature (DEADLINE is August 1st) and we will make a jubilee mosaic out of your contributions. There are no particular rules, except that something has to take place rather than nothing – otherwise there are no limits! If you wish, we can send you information about our instruments and playing techniques. From September on, we regularly feature all miniatures as audio excerpts on our website. We will finally premiere a selection during our jubilee recital within the concert series “Unerhörte Musik” at the BKA Theatre (Berlin) on the October 1st, 2013. We are looking forward to lots of miniature scores!
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