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Composing Music Workshop Online

 Composing Music Workshop Online
Summary:online composing course
Deadline: 29 April 2013
Date Posted: 10 February 2013
Details: Composing Music Workshop Online
Dr Gareth Churchill
This course offers personal, long distance tutorial support (usually via e-mail) to new and experienced composers who want to pursue a project of their own. The nature of the study will be tailored to the student’s individual requirements. The course is primarily aimed at students writing in a contemporary Western art music classical style in an acoustic instrumental and/or vocal idiom. Enrolment in advance, accompanied by a statement of your interests, is essential. The syllabus content will be specific for each individual student and tailored to their specific needs. There will be an emphasis on expanding students’ understanding and awareness of contemporary compositional practices in order to develop their own compositional abilities. Guidance and direction is provided by an experienced, practicing composer.
29th April 2013
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