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Summary:wind band
Deadline: 15 March 2013
Date Posted: 10 February 2013
Details: is a website devoted to cataloguing wind band music from non-established composers; providing a well-organized resource for band directors as an alternative to the traditional publishing companies.

About our site:
The typical publishing company does not function primarily to provide band directors with high quality music, but rather to make a profit. For this reason, band directors too often are flooded with low quality arrangements, mass-produced pieces for young ensembles, and general mediocrity.

Meanwhile, emerging composers are also largely ignored by the major publishers: even if a piece is published, it is rarely sufficiently marketed, and the publisher takes a large chunk of any sales, driving prices up for directors and profits down for composers.
A site devoted to the music of these composers will have a substantial advantage over a standard publishing catalog: each composer is passionate about what they are writing and more concerned with great performances than with profits. An extensive catalog of new band music will provide a wide range of high quality music in unique and wide-ranging styles, while being more cost effective for both directors and composers.
We are not a publisher: we don’t sign you to a contract, and you have the option to remove your music from the site at any time. We do not ask for a cut from any of the compositions our site helps you sell: band directors are linked directly to your website or method of purchase.

Scores may be:
-any difficulty level
-any instrumentation (including concerti and atypical instrumentations), and may involve electronic components
-of any compositional style (the quality and playability of the composition will be primary judging factors)

Scores may not be:
-published works

Up to 3 scores may be submitted (if 1 or more are accepted, you may submit up to 5 more). Composers are urged to send scores by March 15, though submissions will be ongoing and there is no deadline.
To submit your piece(s), email the following to Michael Mikulka at :
___PDF of the score (will not be posted on website)
___PDF of 1 page score sample (will be posted on website)
___Link to your web page, soundcloud account, or similar site
___Link to a recording, live performance, or MIDI rendition of your piece
___Link to a place where your piece may be purchased

send any questions to
Web Site: