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UnTwelve 2012 Microtonal Composition Competition

 UnTwelve 2012 Microtonal Composition Competition
Summary:Prize for duo scores
Deadline: 25 March 2013
Date Posted: 16 January 2013
Details: Chicago, IL - UnTwelve is pleased to offer our fourth annual competition for composers in the budding field of new tunings, temperaments, and microtonality. The competition welcomes new works of recorded music which reflect the potential of using tunings systems and temperaments other than 12-tone equal temperament.

First prize is $500.00 (USD); we will also recognize 2nd prize ($250) and 3rd prize ($150) finalists. For those interested in creating works for live players, we invite you to compose works this year for 1 to 2 solo retuned digital pianos, with or w/o electronic accompaniment which would be premiered on an UnTwelve concert series in 2013. If you go the route of preparing a piece for live performance, even if it doesn't win 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place, it may still receive a public performance.

More details can be found on the organiser's website listed above.
Duration:4 - 10 minutes
Web Site: