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Medium chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

Summary:Pierrot Lunaire Competition
Deadline: 31 December 2017
Date Posted: 06 December 2017
Details: The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien announce the PIERROT LUNAIRE INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2018.

Composers from all over the world - are invited to present works for the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien. Created on an initiative of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien the Pierrot Lunaire International Composition Competition 2018 will launch its edition during the 2017-2018 seasons. This competition for chamber works will be open to composers of all nationalities, with no age restrictions. Its aim is to encourage and promote musical creation while developing lasting ties between the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien and the composers of today and, in this way, actively contribute to a renewal of the chamber repertoire.

Prize for the winning Composition: 1. Prize: Euro 5.000, - and minimum three performances by the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien during its 2018-2019 international concert tour season. Additionally, the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien could create a list of pieces which it suggests for performance along with the prize-winning pieces during the 2018-2019 international concert tour season.

Deadline for entries: The scores, the registration application and the enclosed documents must be sent December 31, 2017.

 Versipel New Music
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 02 January 2018
Date Posted: 29 November 2017
Details: Versipel New Music

*2018 Concert Season – Call For Scores *

DEADLINE – January 2nd, 2018

FEE – $12.00

Application Form (Please read guidelines below before submitting)

Versipel New Music, a presenting organization for cutting-edge contemporary music concerts in the New Orleans area, announces a call for scores for solo/chamber works to be included in the upcoming concert season.

Pieces selected for performance will be considered on a concert-by-concert basis for Versipel New Music’s 2018 concert season. Composers may submit one piece of any length and any aesthetic direction, for any combination of 1 – 6 performers with or without electronics (live electronics or fixed media) (see below for details regarding specific instrumentation).

Scores using graphic notation, improvisation, and/or open instrumentation are welcome.

• Works must be solo or chamber music compositions (1 – 6 performers). Any combination of the following (one player per instrument (except for percussion)). Instrumentation other than what is listed below will not be considered at this time. String quartets or works for voice will not be considered at this time:
• Flute (+ Piccolo, Alto Flute)
• Clarinet (+ Bass Clarinet)
• Trumpet
• Trombone
• Violin
• Viola
• Cello
• Contrabass
• Piano
• Guitar (Classical or Electric)
• Percussion (1 – 3 players)
• Works using live or fixed-media electronics are welcome.
• Works for two-channel fixed media digital audio (without live instruments) are also welcome.
• All application materials must be submitted online by January 2nd, 2018.
• There is a required fee of $12 to submit.
• There is no age limit.
• Composers of any nationality may apply.
• Anonymous scores and recordings only.
• Limit one entry per composer.
• Incomplete entries will not be considered.

To apply, please fill out the online submission form (below) and attach these necessary files to the form:
• PDF of the score. Composer’s name must not appear anywhere on the score. PDF files must be labeled by the name of the composition only (i.e. pdf). The name of the composer must not appear in the file name or in the metadata.
• MP3 recording of composition (if available) may be included but is not required. MP3 files must be labeled by the name of the composition only (i.e. mp3). The name of the composer must not appear in the file name or in the metadata.
• Maximum file size of 30 MB (for larger works, please submit an excerpt).
• Recordings for multi-movement works should be submitted as a single mp3 file.
• MIDI versions of works are acceptable.

Once you complete the form, you will click the submit button at the bottom of the page, and it will direct you to Paypal to pay the submission fee. Once you have paid the fee, you should receive a confirmation e-mail stating that your submission is complete.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Philip Schuessler, Assistant Director

Submission Checklist (DEADLINE – January 2nd, 2018):
• Online Submission Form including:
• PDF of anonymous score (labeled pdf)
• MP3 of anonymous recording (if available) (labeled mp3)
• Required submission fee ($12) paid online through Paypal (link available in submission form)


 Luna Nova Music
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 01 March 2018
Date Posted: 23 November 2017
Details: 2018 Student Composition Contest
Sponsored by
Luna Nova Music
The Beethoven Club of Memphis

The Luna Nova 2018 Student Composition Contest is offered in conjunction with the Belvedere Chamber Music Festival ( to be held June 20-23, 2018 at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal Church ( in Memphis, Tennessee. The festival is sponsored by Luna Nova Music ( and the Beethoven Club (


The contest is open to music composition students of any nationality who are 18 years or older. Recent graduates are also eligible provided that they graduated on or after May 1, 2016. They must give the name and contact information of their current or most recent theory/composition professor.

Participants may submit one score and accompanying mp3. The work may be for violin, flute, clarinet, cello, guitar, and piano. Entries may be solos or works for any combination of these instruments. Works should not exceed 10 minutes in length.

Contest Announcement and Guidelines:



Pdfs of scores and mp3s must be received by March 1, 2018. (Computer realizations will be accepted if a live recording is not available.) Winners will be posted at by April 1, 2018. Composers of winning entries must provide full score and parts by May 1, 2018.


A panel assembled by the Luna Nova Music board will judge scores. The panel will take logistical issues into consideration. Their decision will be final.


Up to three winners will be named. Winning compositions will be performed by members of the Luna Nova New-Music Ensemble ( at the 2017 Belvedere Festival in Memphis. Winners are expected to attend. They will receive a live recording of the performance. Room and board will be provided free for the winners. Winners are responsible for their own transportation to Memphis.

Former contest winners are not eligible to enter.


Recordings of the Luna Nova Ensemble are available at

Questions may be sent to Patricia Gray, Luna Nova Music President at or 901-493-0958.

Summary:Science and music collaboration
Deadline: 20 December 2017
Date Posted: 23 November 2017
Details: The MUSE-IC project is an inter-disciplinary project between science and music. It aims to create original musical pieces inspired by recent scientific discoveries and composed by professional artists.

Researchers from all over the world have already provided us original sources of inspirations coming from their cutting-edge research. The scientific committee of the MUSE-IC project have selected 15 attractive scientific discoveries from different fields (astrophysics, to biophysics, cell biology, developmental biology, translational cancer research …).

We are launching a call for 3 to 5 composers motivated to participate in our project by creating a piece of music inspired by one of our selected scientific discoveries. Composers will have the opportunity to interact with the researchers involved in the scientific work they chose through lab visits and discussions.

The compositions will be around 10 minutes long and written for up to 8 instruments (piano, string quartet, clarinet, harp, percussion, other instrument might be negotiable). The compositions will be performed by professional musicians at a concert in Paris in 2019 at the Cité de la Musique. The first part of the concert will be dedicated to 3 to 5 emerging composers and the second part will be dedicated to an established guest of honor composer. Composers will be paid a commission fee, to be negotiated. Composers will be invited to the final concert in Paris (travel expenses reimbursed by the project).
The MUSE-IC project is conducted by the Institut Curie, coordinated by Judith Miné-Hattab in partnership with the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et Danse de Paris (CNSM). The project is founded by PSL University (Paris Sciences and Letters University).

How to apply:
If you are interested in applying, please, send a request to and to receive the scientific subjects selected for the MUSE-IC project. To apply, send

• Your CV and full list of previous compositions
• Music scores and recording of 3 of your compositions
• Letter of motivation to participate to the MUSE-IC project (1 page).
• 1 to 3 scientific subjects from the list provided that you propose to use as inspiration for your composition.


 Breaking the Fourth Wall
Summary:International Composition Competition, optional instrumentation
Deadline: 31 December 2017
Date Posted: 23 November 2017
Details: Breaking the Fourth Wall' was founded in 2015 with the dual goals of commissioning new works from living composers, and bringing them to performance in unconventional concert spaces. We began 2016 by commissioning 3 New York City-based composers to write works for The Craig Michael Davis Ensemble (CMD-E). In 2017, we expanded worldwide by partnering with the Jacobs School of Music in Bloomington, Indiana, to exhibit brand new works during our BTFW Spring Music Festival. 2018 will be our second year where composers from any nation, aged 16 and up, are welcome and encouraged to submit newly written works to the 'Breaking the Fourth Wall 2nd International Composition Competition.' The winners will have their works performed and professionally recorded during this year's BTFW Spring Music Festival, performed by the Jacobs School of Music.


The specific details and requirements of 'Breaking the Fourth Wall 2nd International Composition Competition' Awards are set forth below. Participation in the Award is subject to CMD-E's Official Awards Rules and Regulations. To the extent not specifically defined below, all capitalized terms have the meaning set forth in the Rules.

'Breaking the Fourth Wall 2nd International Composition Competition' was founded with the intent to exhibit compositions from composers in the early to mid-career range; however, we encourage composers age 16 and up to apply. For the competition, composers may submit a piece for any instrumentation, however, pieces written for the following ensemble will have a better chance of being performed: CMD-E (instrumentation below), String Quartet, Saxophone Quartet, Solo Piano, or submit a piece for Fixed Media or Electro-Acoustic media.

Compositions may be written for any instrumentation, though works written for the following instrumentation will be considered for performance:

1. CMD-E: Flute, Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Piano, Percussion (Vibraphone, Kick Drum, and small hand percussion), Cello, and Double Bass.
2. String Quartet
3. Saxophone Quartet
4. Solo Piano
5. Electroacoustic Compositions

The Award is open to composers aged 16 and above: (1) who meet the instrumentation guidelines set above and (2) who have paid the $15 entry fee for the first piece, and $10 per piece thereafter, via the Paypal link provided at the bottom of this page.
If a musical work or composition submitted as part of the “Submission” (specified below) is co-written, all co-writers shall be considered Entrants and must consent to participation in the Award and satisfy these eligibility criteria, together with all other requirements set forth in the “Rules.” Works which are set to a text protected by copyright must include permission of the author of the text (or the author's representative), as described below.

Begins at 9:00 AM PDT on November 15th, 2017, and ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 31st, 2017. Hard copies are not accepted for the award this year, and all electronic submissions must be submitted, via this website, no later than 11:59 PM on December 31st, 2017.

Submit Questions and Concerns to:
To enter the Award, eligible entrants must complete and electronically submit the Online Application provided below, which is available only during the Award Period. Make sure to submit the following materials, electronically, below: (a) a file containing the score in whatever form it may be in (hand written scores must be scanned); and (b) an mp3 containing a good quality recording of the piece submitted (midi realizations are accepted). Please label each recording as such: LastName_TitleOfWork.mp3

Composers may optionally submit program notes, composer biographies, and performance history for each of the submitted pieces.

All Submission materials must bear the entrant’s name together with all co-writer(s) of the work or composition. Any recordings must separately be marked with the name of the Entrant (including all co-writer(s)), the title of the work, and the names of the performers.

Submit Questions and Concerns to:

Each eligible Submission will be judged by a panel of composers, performers, and members of CMD-E and the Jacobs School of Music, based on the significance, overall artistry, and compositional elements of the musical work or composition. Award-recipient selection resides within the sole discretion of the Panel.

In accordance with the Judging Procedure and Criteria above, the 1st prize winner will be selected as the Award Recipient and will receive a monetary Prize of $300. The number of secondary Award Recipients and the monetary distribution of the Prize resides within the discretion of the Panel.

The winning pieces of the competition and a selected number of compositions selected by the panel may be presented at the BTFW New Music Festival on March 2nd and 3rd, 2018, at various locations around Bloomington, Indiana.

Selected participants will be notified by the end of January, 2018.

Submit Questions and Concerns to:


 Vienna Summer Music Festival Composers Forum
Summary:Chamber Call
Deadline: 15 March 2018
Date Posted: 09 November 2017
Details: The Vienna Summer Music Festival Composers Forum provides developing and emerging composers the chance to develop their compositional skills, and have their music premiered and recorded in Vienna.

Composition students will have the opportunity to bring their in progress compositions for chamber orchestra and mixed chamber ensembles, for further workshopping and development by the Composers Forum faculty. Composition students will take private composition lessons with Viennese composers, attend lectures on contemporary music and advanced theory topics, and will have the opportunity to have their original works coached, and ultimately performed in the culminating Vienna Summer Music Festival Contemporary Music Concert.
Composers will have their pieces performed by PHACE, a professional contemporary music ensemble residing in Vienna. Participants can write for any combination of instruments including: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, and Piano.

Students who have works for other instrumentations including voice will be considered for performance and should contact us at

At the end of the festival, there will be the VSMF: Contemporary Music Concert where all Composer Forum participants will receive a performance of their works.

Summary:Chamber ensemble with voice competition
Deadline: 10 January 2018
Date Posted: 02 November 2017

Wolf Durmashkin came from a Jewish-Polish musician family from today’s Vilnius in Lithuania. The music of Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Grieg or Tchaikovsky was cultivated in his family.

Wolf Durmashkin conducted the Vilnius Symphony Orchestra, was a choirdirector, and also composed.

After the German occupation in 1941 his activities were limited to ghettos and concentration camps. He was separated from the family and died in 1944 one day before the liberation by the Red Army in an Estonian concentration camp, which had been set on fire by the SS.

The sisters of Wolf Durmashkin Henia (singer) and Fania (pianist) were deported to the Dachau-satellite-concentration camps of Kaufering/Landsberg. In April 1945, when the US Army was advancing, they were sent to the so-called “death march of Dachau».

Just four weeks later, a concert took place with other survivors of the Holocaust. It took place in the Monastery of St Ottilien (which had become a Hospital for Displaced Persons). After the founding of the state of Israel in May 1948 and after the emigration of some musicians to America, this extraordinary orchestra was disbanded.

In the Landsberger DP camp on May 10th 1948 the Orchestra, now named “Orchestra Szeerit Hapleitah” (Orchestra of Last Survivors) gave a concert which was a symbolic and significant event, but is almost unknown in the present.

The concert was directed at the expresed wish of the young and aspiring Leonard Bernstein. This event simultaneously symbolizes a historical turning point: the simultaneous end and beginning, desperation and hope, fight and spiritual resistance.

In Landsberg Adolf Hitler had announced the extermination of the Jews during his fortress in the book «Mein Kampf».
In Landsberg am Lech, the Nazis had built the largest sub-camp complex in the final phase of the Third Reich. After 1945, also in Landsberg, one of the largest DP camps in the American zone had been erected.

May 10th 2018, marks the 70th anniversary of the concert along with the establishment of the independent State of Israel ((14th of May 1948).
It is with this historical background we call upon young people to consider; the circumstances, moods, feelings, defeats, fighting, and also the rebellion as a framework in their compositions.

To this end, different materials are available to become familiar with these historically unique events and to develop personal experience and interpretation.


As public competition composers of all nationalities, up to 35 years of age (Deadline January 10th 2018) may participate.


We offer independent creative freedom in all other areas. From the multi-faceted historical subject only the following guidelines for instrumentation and occupation should be considered.


Category: Vocal and Instrumental
Cast: Up to five musicians


Compositions are permitted only with the following instruments and musicians, which can be staged without technical / electronic aids:

Solo use of
Vocal (Tenor, Soprano),
String instruments (max. 2 x Violin, 1 x Viola, 1 x Cello, 1 x Bass),
Horn and Trumpet.


From the historical and biographical material, poems, songs or texts are made available. These texts can be edited and used as desired.


An inmate of the concentration camp describes the emotional significance of “The International” (text Eugène Pottier, melody by the Belgian Pierre Degeyter) for the inmates who sang them simultaneously in their own languages.
It became a secret camp anthem so to speak.

Therefore, this text can also be used as the basis for compositions or editing.

All texts and information are available for download on the website.


• One composition per participant can be sent
• The performance may be up to max. 10 minutes
• The works submitted must be compiled for this competition and may not have been published or awarded in any form (performance, online, video or recordings).

An introduction to the DP orchestra, Wolf Durmashkin and the situation in the concentration camps in the Landsberg am Lech region is available as an introduction to the subject and background.
You can find them at the following Link:


 Suzanne and Lee Ettelson Composer’s Award
Summary:1-5 performers call
Deadline: 15 January 2018
Date Posted: 26 October 2017
Details: An award of $1,000 will be given for a new chamber work. The winning work will be performed during Composers, Inc.’s 2018-19 concert season in Berkeley. Award winners are expected to attend performances. Composers, Inc. will provide lodging. Works not awarded prizes will also be considered for programming.


All composers who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States are eligible to enter. Previous winners of this award are ineligible. Musical works requiring one to five performers are eligible, as are works employing electronic media (including tape alone). Composers may submit more than one work.

Preparing Your Entry

Submit an ANONYMOUS pdf and streaming audio link of each score on the submission form. The submitted pdf’s and audio links must be free of names and identifying marks (including composer, dedicatee, performer, and publisher names). A non-refundable entry fee of $25 USD for one work and $20 USD for each additional work is due on submission. Please proceed to ONLINE INSTRUCTIONS below.


The judges are the artistic directors of Composers, Inc.: Robert Greenberg, Ursula Kwong-Brown, Emma Logan, Frank La Rocca, Ryan Rey, Allen Shearer, and Nick Vasallo.


Entries must be completed by January 15, 2018. The winner will be announced in March, 2018. You may reach us by e-mail at: if you have any questions.

Composers, Inc. reserves the right to use the concert recordings of Award recipients for promotional use.

 3rd Peter Rosser Composition Award 2018
Summary:Quintet competition
Deadline: 02 March 2018
Date Posted: 19 October 2017
Details: The Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble is a contemporary music group from Belfast devoted to the performance of modern and contemporary music.
Greg Caffrey (Artistic Director)
Sinead Hayes (conductor), Joanne Quigley (violin), David McCann (cello), Aisling Agnew (flutes),
Sarah Watts (clarinets), Daniel Browell (Piano)

Hard Rain News:


We're excited to announce that we are now accepting entries for the 3rd Peter Rosser Composition award!

The 1st Peter Rosser Composition Award, in 2016, was jointly established by Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble and the Peter Rosser Foundation in memory of our esteemed colleague and friend. It is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, The Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland, Cormac O’Kane of Red Box Recording Studio, Belfast as well as through generous donations made in Peter’s memory by friends and colleagues.

Submission to the award is open to composers born or domicile in N. Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The competition is open to composers regardless of age. However, the award is aimed at emerging composers. The organisers, therefore, welcome submissions from composers at the start of their careers.

1.1 All submitted compositions should not have been performed before, must not be published and should be written speci cally for the 3rd Peter Rosser Composition Award and the Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble.
The following statement must appear in a preface page of the score:
“This score was written for submission in the 3rd Peter Rosser Composition Award 2017 and for the Hard Rain SoloistEnsemble”.
1.2 Compositions must use all 5 of the following instruments: Violin, Cello, Flute (optional doubling picc & alto), Bb Clarinet (optional doubling bass clarinet) and piano. Scores that differ in any way from this instrumentation will not be admissible. The use of electronics or a tape element is not permitted.
1.3 The composition should be between 5 and 8 minutes duration and should state the exact duration in the preface page.
1.4 Only composers who can attend the workshop and performance in Belfast on Tueday 27th March 2018 will be eligible for the award. A travel bursary for composers traveling to the event from within NI and ROI will be made available through the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland.
1.5 The decision of the jury in relation to the shortlisting of works and the bestowing of awards is final. No further correspondence will be entered into.
1.6 The jury reserves the right not to make awards where it feels a minimum required standard has not been met.
1.7 Only one piece may be submitted by a composer.
1.7 Previous winners of the Peter Rosser Composition Award are not eligible to enter the competition. Previous runners up are eligible.

Deadline for submission: 4pm Friday 2nd March 2018

Summary:Chamber repertoire call
Deadline: 01 January 2018
Date Posted: 19 October 2017
Details: Call for Scores 2018

fivebyfive is excited to announce a call for scores! We are looking for original pieces and arrangements, as well as grant and project proposals with the goal of expanding our available repertoire and being introduced to future collaborators.

Submissions are due by Monday, January 1st, 2018 with selected performances to take place in April 2018 and our following 2018-19 season.

For pieces selected for our April 2018 concert composers will receive a $250 honorarium and a live recording for promotional use.


• Pieces must be for the full instrumentation or nonspecific/open instrumentation
• Instrumentation: Flute (double on Alto), Clarinet (A and bass), Electric guitar (effects available), Double Bass (possibly electric bass, please contact), Piano (limited extended techniques)
• Submitted pieces must be acoustic only, no electronics or computers. However, grant and project proposals are open to anything
• Pieces can include structured improvisation
• April's concert has a loose theme of "Night" but since we hope to be performing more pieces that strike a chord with us the following season it is not necessary to follow the theme


Email PDF score and parts, mp3 of recording or MIDI realization (if available) and contact info to

We look forward to hearing your work, meeting you and the possibility of doing something meaningful together.

Any updates will be made to this page. For questions please contact


 Southeastern Composers' League
Summary:Chamber Competition
Deadline: 29 January 2018
Date Posted: 19 October 2017
Details: Arnold Salop Memorial Competition for Undergraduate Students
Philip Slates Memorial Competition for Graduate Students

Arnold Salop and Philip Slates were SCL members from some time in the past. They must have been beloved members, great leaders or highly active composers to have a competition named for them.

1) Submit one chamber music composition for 8 or fewer performers. It may be vocal, instrumental or electronic. Compositions may also combine acoustic and electroacoustic sounds. Works submitted must be original musical compositions which have received no previous award at the time of submission. Only one submission per student is allowed.

2) Composers who submit compositions must either (a) study with a person who is a member in good standing of SCL, or (b) become a student member of SCL. There are no other curricular or age restrictions.

3) A cash prize for First and Second place winners in each competition will be awarded. The judging panel reserves the right to grant no award.

4) Submissions must be received by noon eastern time, on 29 January 2018.

5) All submissions must be done electronically. Please submit one score in PDF format and one audio file, if available, in MP3 format.
a) Complete the online application.
b) Submit score in PDF format.
c) Submit audio in MP3 format (optional)
Web Site:www.southeasterncomposersleagu...

 2018 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition
Summary:Chamber Call for Scores
Deadline: 31 March 2018
Date Posted: 11 October 2017
Details: Deadline: March 31, 2018

Earplay sponsors the annual Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition, open to composers of any nationality and any age. Earplay performs the prizewinning piece and presents a cash prize of $1,000 to the winning composer. The competition honors the late composer/conductor/Earplay board member Donald Aird, an ardent supporter of the creation and performance of new music. A list of past competition winners, finalists, and honorable mentions is here.

You can submit an Aird competition application electronically or by mail. Please send mail if you have questions or comments.

• Applicants may be of any nationality.
• Applicants may be of any age.

Works are limited to 1 to 6 players (at most 1 of each, e.g., not 2 violins) from Earplay's ensemble:
• flute/piccolo/alto flute
• clarinet/bass clarinet
• piano
• violin
• viola
• cello
Works may include electronics.
Works may be of any duration (8-15 minutes preferred).
Works may have been previously performed.
Each composer may submit any number of pieces.

Cash prize: $1,000.
Performance by Earplay during our next season.
Earplay will announce the winner in fall 2018.
All entries will be considered for future performance.

Applications must be submitted online or postmarked by March 31, 2018.

Earplay strongly encourages you to use online application, but if you prefer you can print an application form, fill it out, and mail it instead. You can use online application even if you intend to mail some parts of your application (composer bio, score, program note, recording, or payment). Sorry, mailed submission materials cannot be returned.

• Completed online application (preferred) or application form
• Brief composer biography
• Score (all composer identification removed)
• Brief program note
• Recording (not required but strongly recommended)
• Application fee US $26 per score (cash, check payable to Earplay, or PayPal payment)

Mailing address:
2018 Earplay Donald Aird Composers Competition
560 29th Street
San Francisco, CA 94131-2239

Further information:

Summary:Quintet Competition
Deadline: 31 January 2018
Date Posted: 05 October 2017


Krakow Branch of the Polish Composers’ Union announces 1st Krzysztof Penderecki International Competition for Young Composers. Composers from every country, who will not be over the age of 35 at the moment of its closing, can take part in the Competition.


The subject of the Competition is a composition for flute, clarinet, violin, viola, and cello,
with a duration from 9 to 14 minutes. Flute and clarinet cannot be modified.


One participant can submit no more than two compositions. A composition cannot be earlier performed, published in any form or awarded in any competition.


3 copies of a score together with parts for performance as well as score in pdf format on
a compact disc, marked with an emblem and a title, with duration written, and a sealed envelope marked with the same emblem, containing an application form, a short bio note,
a note about the piece and a photo (in jpg format), should be sent to the address:

Związek Kompozytorów Polskich

Oddział w Krakowie

ul. Dunajewskiego 5

31-133 Kraków

With annotation: 1st Krzysztof Penderecki International Competition

for Young Composers

not later than on 31 January 2018 (the date of submitting the score decides).


The Jury of the Competition: Marcel Chyrzyński (chairman), Zbigniew Bargielski, Ivan Buffa (Slovakia) and Wojciech Widłak, grants one Main Prize – 1000 USD. What is more,
the awarded composition will be performed in April 2018 on the concert during
30th International Festival of Krakow Composers.

The Jury may not award the Main Prize. Honorary awards may be granted. The decision of the jury is irrevocable and will be announced not later than on 15 February 2018.


Participating in the Competition, a composer declares that the composition can be recorded for purposes of the Organisers of the concert, without any financial claims from his side.

Copies of the score and parts of compositions will be further the property of the Krakow Branch of the Polish Composers’ Union.


Application for the Competition means that a composer agrees to these Regulations. Compositions not meeting the requirements of the Regulations will not be taken into account during the Competition.


Organisers of the Competition have the right to change the date or to cancel the performance of the awarded composition from independent causes.

Any questions send to the Secretary of the Competition – Aleksandra Patalas, e-mail address:

 Ret Frem Ensemble
Summary:Rolling Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 20 September 2017
Details: New contemporary music ensemble Ret Frem are calling for composers of all ages to submit scores for chamber ensemble. We will accept both new scores and pieces that have been performed before. Successful submissions will be added to our repertoire through rehearsal and performance.

We accept scores in two categories:

Category 1: Scores for quartet of flute, clarinet, violin and cello (with standard doublings). Category 2: Scores for any combination of flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano/electric keyboard (with standard doublings).

There is no fee for submission.
Scores can be in any style and of any duration.
Scores for solo instrument are just as valid as a quintet or anything in between, in

Category 2.
We will contact composers whose scores we wish to perform as and when our programme permits. The call is ongoing and there is no deadline: scores will be selected based on the curation of specific concert programmes.

Selected scores may be performed several times during our season.

Please fill in the attached Submission Form and send to: or Ret Frem Ensemble,Top Flat, 79 Brighton Road, London N16 8EQ << N.B. NEW ADDRESS

N.B. Not all our performance venues have pianos.

Summary:Chamber Call
Deadline: 01 April 2018
Date Posted: 30 August 2017
Details: Meitar Ensemble announces the 3nd Matan Givol International Composers Competition.

-Composers from all over the world are invited to present works for Meitar Ensemble.
-The competition is an open call for composers of all ages and nationalities.
-The promotion of New Chamber and Ensemble Music was Meitar Ensemble’s goal and ambition for many years. With this competition we take on yet another path to find those hidden jewels of New Music and bring them to the front stage .


2,000 euro and one public performances on June 30th 2018. The piece will be conducted by Ilan Volkov and recorded live.


There are no age limit or nationality restrictions for composers.
-Instruments: The compositions submitted for the competition must use any combination of the following instrumentation, with a minimum of five performers:

flute (doubling on picc and alto flute), clarinet (doubling on bass clarinet), violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion: vibraphone, 4 octave marimba, glockenspiel (any other requirements for percussion instruments should be discussed in advance).

-Usage of prepared pianos should be discussed with the ensemble.

-No usage of additional instruments (instruments which are not on the list, live electronics, etc.) is allowed.

-Scores submissions via email only. Scores will not be accepted if they do not meet the conditions for entry.

-The works duration must be between 8 to 15 minutes.

-Pieces that have won awards in other competitions will not be accepted, never the less, pieces subjected to the competition are not obliged to be new compositions.
Deadline for entries: The scores, the registration application and the enclosed documents must be sent no later than April 1st 2018 (23:59 Jerusalem time) to the following email address:


-A full online Application Form (see at bottom of the page)

-Scores (in PDF form) to be under pseudonym (the committee will not receive the participants names) + Short description of the work

-An artistic and academic curriculum

A copy of the Entry Fee payment document

-The jury will consist of Meitar Ensemble members and the ensemble’s composer in residence, Mr. Philippe Leroux and the ensemble’s conductor in residence, Mr. Pierre-Andre Valade

-The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged. Furthermore, the jury reserves the right to award no prize.

-The entry fees are non-refundable.

-The results of the Matan Givol International Composers Competition 2018 will be published on the web site and the social networks no later than May 15th 2018.


 Lake George Music Festival
Deadline: 31 January 2018
Date Posted: 02 August 2017
Details: 2018 Guidelines

• an original work of chamber music composed after January 1st, 2012.
• a complete work – no single movements of multi-movement works will be accepted.
• work must be in its original form – no arrangements; example: no piece originally intended for string orchestra submitted as a string quintet will be accepted.
• between 7 and 12 minutes in duration.
• scored for 3 to 8 players (not including a conductor, if applicable).
• written for the following instruments: violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, piccolo, oboe, english horn, b-flat clarinet, A clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, tuba, piano, percussion.
• pieces scored for percussion must follow these additional guidelines.
• any combination of the above instruments is acceptable, however only two of the same instrument may be included; example: maximum of 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 percussionists, piano four hands, etc; with exceptions being a maximum of one tuba, one bass trombone. Works scored for up to 4 violins are acceptable. Works for two or more pianos are not acceptable.
• instrument doublings must adhere to the instrumentation restrictions, example: no alto flute, no contrabassoon.
• works may be written for amplified instruments, prepared piano, and off stage instruments.
• works may include non-interactive electroacoustic elements (e.g., CD playback).


The 2018 submission period will be from January 1st to January 31st. Please submit the following materials via ONE email with attachments to The subject line of the email should read “LGMF Composition Competition” followed by your full name.

• An anonymous .pdf file of the composition score. The score should be labeled with the title of the work and printed date of composition only. Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one joint .pdf file.
• An anonymous recording in mp3 format. Recordings must be complete (no excerpts) and must be labeled with the title of the work only and sent as an email attachment. Live instrumental recordings are strongly preferred over MIDI renditions. If submitting MIDI please take the time to create an audio file which sounds as realistic as is possible. Composers submitting a piece for electronics/amplified instruments must submit a live performance or studio recording (not MIDI). Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one joint .mp3 file. Please edit out any tuning/clapping.
• A PayPal receipt proving the application fee has been paid. Please pay application fee at the same time when submitting materials.

In the body of the email, please include the following information: composer name, date of birth, college or university affiliation, composer phone number,

All steps outlined above must be completed and submitted in their entirety by the deadline. No exceptions can be made whatsoever. If you wait until January 31st, we cannot guarantee any issues that arise during staff review, including missing or incorrect documents, will be resolved by the application deadline. Consequently, LGMF urges you to submit immediately.

$10 – Payment will be accepted via credit/debit card through PayPal by clicking the button below. PayPal accounts are not required. Application fee is not refundable, please review guidelines carefully.
Any questions regarding the competition should be directed to competition administrator Alexander Lombard at


 11th Joan Guinjoan International Prize for Young Composers
Summary:Prize for ensemble
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 31 October 2012
Details: 1.The contest is open to composers of every nationality under the age of 35 at December 1st, 2012. Former winners of this award are not allowed to submit again.
2.Each participant may submit an unlimited number of works, which cannot previously have been published, premiered or commissioned. Works performed in the educational context of conservatories and schools of music will not be considered premieres.
3.The work, in a contemporary style, should be 10 to 15 minutes long.
4.The work must be written for an open formation of 6 to 15 instruments, with optional electronics, chosen from among those in an orchestra, piano, accordion, guitar, voice and typical jazz –electric guitar, bass and keyboards– instruments, “cobla” instruments, and instruments of early music: harpsichord, recorder, viola da gamba, cornet, sackbut, early bassoon and plucked string instruments. It is also possible to include a small choir of four voices (SATB, 4-4-4-4), which will be considered as four different instruments. There may not be more than two instruments the same, except for violins, for which there is a maximum of 10, violas and cellos, for which there is a maximum of 4.
5.The composer must submit six copies of the score and one registration form for each work presented. The work must be written and printed with a notation software which allows automatic extraction of parts, or the participants must commit to send the parts in case of being winners. Once the winner has been chosen, the composers may collect 5 copies of their works within one month from date of the award. One copy will remain in the archives of the School.
6.The amount of the award is 3.000 €. The chosen work will be premiered by the Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya with the option to be professionally recorded on CD by the School.
7.Apart from the winning work, the jury may decide to give honorific mentions to other works submitted which are considered of special interest. The works worthy of this distinction will be premiered together with the winning work.
8.The Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya will have publishing and distribution rights to the score, the CD or any other format of the winning work.
9.All written or audio-recorded editions of the winning work will be marked “Premi Joan Guinjoan de l’Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya, 2012”.
10.The jury will be made up of five composers chosen from the Department of Theory and Composition of the School. The names of the members of the jury will be announced once the award decision has been made public. Their decision may not be appealed. The decision will be announced before January 10th, 2013.
11.The deadline for submitting scores is December 1st, 2012.
12.The works will be submitted under pseudonym.
2nd Prize:Euro 3000
Age Limit:35
Duration:6 to 15 minutes

 North/South Consonance
Summary:call for scores (various combinations)
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 20 April 2011
Details: - All composers are eligible for consideration
- Solo, chamber ensemble and chamber works up to 18 performers will be considered
- Vocalists, percussion and/or electronics are acceptable
- One work will be selected for recording on the North/South label
- $25 non-refundable fee per composition submitted required
(Checks must be negotiable through a US bank)

Complete submission guidelines posted at

Mail submissions to

P.O. Box 698 - Cathedral Station
New York, NY 10025 – 0698