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Summary:Thai Songwriting Competition
Deadline: 31 May 2018
Date Posted: 02 May 2018
Details: Target Audience
General Audience

Brief overview
Express in Music Offers
Composer Competition

Terms of application
• Your work will be commercially available and open in major stores such as IKEA, McDonald's and Porsche throughout the country, including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Thailand.
• Each contestant can submit more than one song (1).
• Open to people.
• Registration for this competition will start on 01/12/17 and will be closed on 31/05/18. Participants will submit their work by uploading their music to the Express in Music platform.
• The work must be original and not be published by the print media or be presented to the public. It is not under the copyright of the CMO (the co-management organization responsible for licensing music works (such as Music Copyright Thailand Limited (MCT)) for at least 2 years.
• Each song must come with:
o Complete soundtrack pop music.
• Express in Music reserves the right to disqualify a contestant who uses a song or song in a contest with other competitions prior to the competition, or to copy any performance in the song being produced. Music must be original and not up to anyone.

Entry Requirements (Music / Music)
The competing song must have the following elements:
• The song consists of a clear voice and melody.
• Allows for folk / modern instruments.
• Each song must be 3 to 5 minutes in length.

• Thai lyrics
• We are looking for music that has a positive aura. Happy or romantic The lyrics should correspond to the theme of the song. Welcome singers from both sexes. Music styles may range from slow to fast, as long as the work is still in the genre. (We do not want the opera. Or traditional Or other sound styles). Do not want to have screams in the song as well.
• The lyrics of the song should not be negative media. No obscene words No skin tone And there are no instinctive components.

The following is a good example of a contest entry:


Music process judging
• Each song will be judged by the Executive Committee.
• Judgment depends on the quality of the song, the lyrics and the overall mix of the music.
• Judging will also depend on the quality of the creative melody. Of commercial value and concept. Including the ability to attract all groups.
• The decision of the umpire is final.
• Winners will be notified by email.
• If the contestant has not received a response from the management after one (1) week from the date of closing the application, the participant will be deemed not to have qualified.

Awards are as follows:
• Winner Music: USD $ 180
• Runner 1: USD $ 100
• Runner 2: USD $ 70
• Runner 3: USD $ 50

Copyright topic
• Participating Songs Participants (Author) are considered to be officially agreeing that if the song is winning Broadcast rights must be in Express in Music for at least 2 years after the author's approval. The copyright of the song will remain with the author.
• The author's name will remain.
• All participating entries will be sent to the EIM database for music use. In addition to the prizes, contestants (authors) will be eligible to claim works or copyright fees for music used by Express for Music.

Express in Music Presents
Song Composition Competition

Conditions of Entry
• Your works will be commercially broadcasted and recognized in outlets of big brands such as IKEA, McDonald's and Porsche across countries including Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Thailand.
• Each participant can send MORE THAN ONE (1) song to the contest.
• Participation is OPEN to all.
• Registration for this competition starts on 01/12/17 and the closing date is on 31/05/18. Participants will submit their works to uploading the track to the Express in Music's platform.
• The work must be original and NEVER published by a recording company, a publishing company or an outside presentation. It MUST BE free from CMO licensing (egMusic Authors' Copyright Protection (MACP) Berhad, Public Performance Malaysia) for at least 2 years.
• Each entry must be accompanied by:
o Completed pop vocal sound track.
• Express in Music reserves the right to CANCEL any participant that uses the lyrics and the song is contested in any competition before the competition, or any plagiarism elements in the song was produced. The song needs to be an independent and original work.

Entry Requirements (Songs / Music)
Kết quả cần song cần cαc mục sau:
• The song is sung with clear vocals and clear music.
• Traditional / modern musical instruments are permitted.
• MULTIPLE song MUST be within 3 to 5 minutes.

• Lyrics used to be in THAI.
• We are looking for songs with positive, happy, or romantic vibes. Should should should should should should should should Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics. Vocalist from both genders are welcome. The styles can range from a slower, groovy feel to more upbeat music, so long as work falls within the category of pop (we do not want opera or traditional, or other vocal styles). Khτng screaming vocals as well.
• Lời ly song SHOULD khτng chứa ANY negative, obscene, non-touching racial sensitivities, and no instinctive elements.

Some good examples are listed below:


Song Evaluation Process
• Each entry will go through a judicial process by the jury of the top management.
• Đαnh giα trκn những chất lượng của songs, lyrics and nhạc blending như một whole.
• The evaluation will also be based on the quality aspects of the quality of the melodic creativity, the commercial value and the concept and the ability to attract all groups.
• Judge's decision is FINAL.
• Winners will be emailed.
• Nếu participants not to get feedback from the management after one (1) week from the closing date of participation then the participants are considered unsuccessful.

Prizes are as follows:
• Top Song: USD $ 180
• Runner Up: USD $ 100
• 2nd Runner Up: USD $ 70
• 3rd Runner Up: USD $ 50

Copyright Issues
• By submitting an entry, officially the participants (composer) concedes that if winners win, the broadcast rights shall belong to Express in Music for at least 2 years upon approval. MUSIC TẬP TẬP T
• The composer name will also be maintained.
• All participating entries will be submitted to the pool of EIM database for the use of background music. In addition to the prescription prizes, participants (composers) will be charged a claim or payment to the song used by Express in Music.


 Just Music
Summary:Songwriting call
Deadline: 15 July 2018
Date Posted: 02 May 2018
Details: The Law Society invites eligible musicians to submit original songs on the theme of 'justice'. Finalists will be showcased at a concert in Sydney later this year to raise money for the President's 2018 Charity the Butterfly Foundation.

Entries close 15 July 2018 (Extended!).

Please read the Just Music terms & conditions which apply to your entry before submitting your online entry below.

More information:

Summary:Song Writing
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 27 August 2015
Details: How can I enter?

It’s easy! You can enter online at any of these sponsoring sites: Broadjam or on the DSA website or download an entry form here and print out, and mail your entries to:

Dallas Songwriters Association (DSA)
2011 Song Contest Director
Sammons Center for the Arts
3630 Harry Hines Boulevard #20
Dallas, TX 75219

How much is the entry fee?

$25 each entry. Please note EACH entry must have an accompanying form sheet. If you are a member of DSA or plan to join, you can get a $5 discount off your membership or renewal for each song contest entry. To join DSA or renew your membership, go to We’d love to have you as a member!

Who owns the songs I enter?

You do! You retain all rights.

What has to be on the lyric sheet?

The song Title and Category appear at the top of the sheet. Your lyrics, marked with “Verse” “Chorus” etc., follow the Title. For a sample, click here. Do not write your name on the lyric sheet or on the outside of the CD case -- simply fold your lyric sheet white-side out (so that the back side shows) and legibly write the song Title and Category on the back of the lyric sheet, and place it inside the CD case so that the song Title and Category show through the CD case.

If I don’t write my name on my lyric sheet, how do you know which one is mine?

Song Contest staff keeps track of which name goes with which song – all names are withheld from the judges so that the judges can select the winners with the highest level of fairness possible. Once the judges select the semifinalists and winners, the song contest staff reveals the names of the winning artists.