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Wind band Competitions & Call for pieces

 2nd WASBE International Composition Contest
Summary:Wind Band Competition with Four Categories
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 15 November 2018
Details: Introduction
The World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensemble (WASBE) International Composition Contest is an initiative sponsored by WASBE that is open to composers from around the world. The concept is to encourage both young and experienced composers to write original compositions of high artistic merit for the school/educational band, as well as works for community bands. WASBE has a vast, world-wide network, and the organization has been promoting the participating and winning compositions and composers of the 1st WASBE International Compositions Contest, organizing performances world-wide with WASBE members, band directors, and ensembles. With the International Composition Contest, WASBE’s aim is to connect composers, band directors, and concert performances. Additionally, WASBE aims to promote the works and performances of the works on the internet and to connect the works with publishers interested in the new repertoire. In short, WASBE is dedicated to completing the musical cycle of the works: creation/composition, performance, and the promotion to all WASBE members of the works and composers, and the events involved.

Competition categories:

Category 1: Works for Band Grades 2 and 3; Duration: 6-10 min.
Category 2: Works for Band Grades 4 and 5; Duration: 8-14 min.
Category 3: Works for Symphonic Winds; Duration: 8 to 14 min.; Difficulty: Grade 5 and 6
Category 4: Works for Solo Instrument with Wind Band Accompaniment; Duration: 8-14 min. Solo Difficulty: Grade 5; Ensemble Difficulty: Grade 3-4


For more information:

 2019 Oklahoma Youth Winds
Summary:Wind competition
Deadline: 10 December 2018
Date Posted: 04 October 2018
Details: The Oklahoma Youth Winds is comprised of many of the most talented and dedicated wind, brass, and percussion students in the state of Oklahoma. The group has received numerous distinctions for their superior level of performance, including their most recent accolade as the choice Community Ensemble at the 2017 Oklahoma Music Educators Association Convention. The group’s primary conductor is Dr. Matthew Mailman, and he is assisted by Ms. Sarah Neely and Mr. Christopher Hall.

• $100 prize
• Premier performance by Oklahoma Youth Winds in Spring 2018
• Recording of live performance

Deadline for Entries
• Submitted by December 10, 2018
• NEW THIS YEAR: No entry fees, still no limit to number of entries

• One (1) composition per entry
• Composition must be written for wind ensemble at a Grade 4 level
• Composition must be unpublished, unawarded, and have never been publicly performed nor professionally recorded for commercial release
• Composer must submit a PDF of the score as well as a MIDI or live recording for each entry.
• Incomplete submissions will not be accepted
• The decisions of the jury are final

How to Enter (all steps must be completed for each entry):
1. Complete the entry form online
2. Submit your composition and midi/recording using the built in upload mechanism.

 2018 North American Student Composer Competition
Summary:Wind Band Competition
Deadline: 15 December 2018
Date Posted: 08 March 2018
Details: 1. Overview
The Metropolitan Wind Symphony, also known as MetWinds, is announcing its third North American Student Composer Competition. The goals of this Competition are to stimulate student composers to write new, high-quality music for the wind band, and motivate highly talented student composers to persist in building a career in composition by rewarding them with recognition, commission, and performance.

1.1. Rules for Entries
To be eligible to compete, the entrant must be a music school, high school or college student in North America at the time of the submission. "College" will be interpreted to mean junior college, four year college, conservatory, or graduate school.

Students must submit a short biography/resume, and a score and recording of a single work, written for any combination of instruments and/or voices, up to fifteen minutes in length, on compact disk or in a computer file which can be emailed to us at If longer pieces are submitted, only the first fifteen minutes will be evaluated. Recordings may be either live performances or computer-generated. If they are playable on a Windows personal computer, they are acceptable. Submissions will be returned at the end of their evaluation if accompanied by a stamped self-addressed envelope.

1.2. Submission Information
The deadline for submission will be Dec. 15, 2018. Receipt of the submission will be acknowledged by email if an email address is provided. Submissions will be evaluated by the MetWinds commissioning committee, with final determination of the winner to be made by the Artistic Director. Announcement of the winner will be made by April 1, 2019. The winner of the competition will be awarded a $1,000 commission, to write a new four to eight minute work for full concert band, with instrumentation and approximate grade level to be specified by MetWinds.

1.3. Premiere, Award, and Publication Details
The work is expected to be premiered by the MetWinds in November 2020 or thereafter, hopefully with the composer in attendance at the dress rehearsal and premiere. The intention is for this commissioned piece and its premiere to help celebrate the 50th season of MetWinds, September 2020- July 2021. Transportation, meals, and lodging will be provided for the composer. The winning composer will provide three scores and one set of parts to MetWinds. $300 of the commissioning fee will be due the composer at the time of the award being made and the remaining $700 will be paid upon delivery of the score and parts to MetWinds. The composer will grant MetWinds the right to premiere the work but will retain ownership of the work.

1.4. EntrySubmission

Email entries to Bobby Piankian, or Mail entries to:

MetWinds Student Composer Competition c/o Bob Piankian
9 Surrey Road
Newton, MA 02458

Questions? Email Bobby Piankian at