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electro acoustic Competitions & Call for pieces

 Segnali 2017 - Call for Audiovisual works and live audio-video performances
Summary:Audio Visual Competition
Deadline: 27 March 2017
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Details: Entry proposals are being accepted for audiovisual work and live audio-video performances for the seventh annual international electronic music festival, Segnali – Audiovisual and Performance Arts, which returns from 2nd-6th of May.

Work created within the last three years is eligible and welcome to be submitted for consideration. Final pieces must be no longer than 15 minutes in duration though proposal documentation for audiovisual work regarding live performances may last up to 30 minutes. Selections may be successful this year, or the committee may choose to defer some successful pieces until next year's programme.

Each video submitted for selection must be accompanied by a full technical specification written in English or in Italian, which specifies as follows:

the creator(s) of the images
the creator(s) of the music and sound
a short biography of the creator(s) (max 500 characters including spaces)
a short synopsis describing the work (max 500 characters including spaces)
country/countries of production
year of production
duration of the work in minutes and seconds
the original digital format
specifications for the video projection of the work
three pictures (JPG 300 dpi) of the work and one of the authors
authorisation to use extracts of the work for promotional purpose only should the submission be successful
authorisation for the treatment of personal data used during the selection process.

There is no registration fee however shipping expenses are responsibility of the entrants.

The work being submitted for consideration must be received no later than Monday the 27th of March 2017 and may be sent by post, uploaded, or transferred online in high quality video formats (HD, H.264, mpeg4, mpeg2, mpeg, mov, avi).

Please address postal entries to: Prof. Angelo Benedetti - Dipartimento di Nuove Tecnologie e Linguaggi Musicali-Cattedra di Musica Elettronica Conservatorio di Musica “Francesco Morlacchi” Piazza Annibale Mariotti 2 - 06124 Perugia, Italy.

For electronic submissions please contact the organisiation at:

Decisions made by the selection committee will be final. Those who are successful will be notified as soon as possible.

The Senegali – Audiovisual and Performance Arts international festival is promoted by the Francesco Morlacchi Conservatory of Music of Perugia, the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia, the Umbria Region, and the Oreste Trotta Regional Sound Archive.


 The Fourth Composition Contest for Acoustic Instrument and electroacoustic device Sampo
Summary:Live electronics competition
Deadline: 30 March 2017
Date Posted: 01 March 2017
Details: MusInfo is pleased to announce the fourth edition of the International composition contest for acoustic instrument and electroacoustic device Sampo. With this initiative MusInfo proposes to open a new space intended to uphold the work of contemporary composers and sound artists in the field of “live-electronic” music.

Composers are invited to write a short study of 2 to 4 minutes maximum. The electroacoustic device is represented by the software P-Soft supplied by MusInfo. The composers whose studies are chosen will receive a commission from the Opus Centrum ensemble who collaborates with MusInfo. They will be invited to write a full length composition that will be played and recorded next year.

The electroacoustic device Sampo will be supplied to composers by MusInfo for the period of composition.

This year the studies may be written for the following instruments: violin, flute, sax or clarinet.

Rules for Participation:
• The contest is open from March 1st until 30 March 2017.
• The call is open to composers of any ages.
• There are no fees for inscription.
• The contest is open to any short study (from 2 to 4 min long) written for P-Soft and an acoustic solo instrument (flute, sax or clarinet). No other software or audio files may be used.
• The software needed to participate in the contest is available for download at the following address:
• Examples of scores for the device and help concerning the composing process are available at the address: Software and Manual
• The composers should send
• • the software “bank” file
• • the instrument score in PDF format
• • the participant information (name & address)
• at the following address: concours-bourges2017[at]
• The files must be marked with the title of the work and the name of the author.
• The works will be presented to the jury anonymously.
• If the composer wishes to send a recording of his work, he should do it by using WeTransfer:
• The international jury will nominate the winners of the contest during the Art & Science Days 2016 in Bourges.

The jury can decide not to nominate any winner.

• The winners will receive a commission to write a new composition.
• The winners will receive the electroacoustic device, Sampo, conceived by MusInfo at their home for a period of 2 to 3 months in order to write their new composition.

The new composition will be created during the Art & Science Days 2018 by the Opus Centrum ensemble.

 1st International Electroacoustic and Composition Competition „eviMus“
Summary:Solo plus electronics call
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: 1. Internationaler Kompositionswettbewerb
für elektroakustische und intermediale Musik „eviMus“

1st International Electroacoustic and Composition Competition „eviMus“

The Festival eviMus (Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik) call for new electroacoustic works for its 1. Internationale Kompositionswettbewerb
für elektroakustische und intermediale Musik.

Work for:

flute (piccolo, C, G Alto or C bass) and electronics,

or saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor or baritone) and electronics.

Electronics: tape, live electronics, with or without video, maximum of eight channels

Duration: between 6 and max. 12 minutes.


The competition is open to composers of all nationalities born after 1977 (40 years old), each of whom may submit only one work, which was not commercially published or awarded a prize in any other national or international competition. The works must have been composed between 2012 and 2017. The length can be between 6 and max. 12 minutes.

The jury will award two prizes. It may also declare the deserted category or assign Honorary Mentions. The jury’s decision is final and without appeal. Any situation not covered by the rules will be managed by the jury.

Prize: 1000€ und premiere
Prize: 500€
The jury will announce the results during the 4. Saarbrücker Tage für elektroakustische und visuelle Musik – eviMus 2017.

How to apply:

All applications must be sent via DropBox or Google Drive in a single folder to the email: competition[at]evimus[dot]de.

The application must fulfill the following requirements:

-PDF or DOC with contact information, composer’s biography, nationality, date of birth and a description of the idea of your work (program notes).
-Copy of birth certificate/ID/Passport in digital format
-Recent photo in digital format
-Audio file containing a stereo version of the piece
-PDF file with the score for instrument and electronic
-Optional: Electronics (patch, tape, description, audio, etc.)
-Participating in the competition signifies for candidates accepting all the conditions of this rule. Any breach of the rules involves the elimination of the work in the contest.

Start of applications: 1st february 2017
Deadline for applications: 1st July 2017

 Elektro Arts Acousmatic, Visual Music and Dance Festival
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: 31 March 2017
Date Posted: 18 January 2017
Details: The Babeș-Bolyai University, the Art and Design University, and the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of Elektro Arts.

The Festival will be hosting a Call for Electro-acoustic Works, which has always been committed to showcasing Digital Art. The Festival will take place on May 12th and May 13th, 2017 on the beautiful venues of Cluj-Napoca. Festival venues include Casa Matei Gallery and Music Academy Studio Hall.

Open Call for Works

Established or emerging sound artists are invited to submit their original works from the wide spectrum of electro-acoustic music. The theme for the Festival in 2017 is Diversity.


Despite of the style variety, preference will be given to music for fixed media assembled around 1-6 channels, with a duration of maximum 15 minutes. Only one work per composer is allowed. However, there is no age limit or nationality restriction.


We will consider works for the following discrete audio channels setups:

• • 1-channel = C
• • 2-channels = C and LFE
• • 2-channels = L and R
• • 3-channels = L, R, and LFE
• • 4-channels = L, R, SL, and SR
• • 5-channels = L, R, SL, SR, and LFE
• • 6-channels = L, R, C, SL, SR, and LFE


Send your work by a web transfer service. There are a number of options for sending audio files over the Internet such as WeTransfer, pCloud and PlusTransfer. All submission files need to be sent electronically. Please do not send any attachments.

The following electronic materials and information are required as well:

• Submission Form (download the form from our website
• Biography of the artist (in English, maximum 200 words, RTF / DOC format)
• Program Notes of the submitted work (in English, maximum 200 words, RTF / DOC format)
• MP3 stereo-mix of the work (16-bit, 44.1-kHz, 192-kbps)
• CD-quality audio files of the work. Read more about this at Technical specifications.

Complete details of the submission process are also found online at

Submission fee
There is no submission fee.

Technical specifications

• Format: AIF / WAV audio files @ 16-bit & 44.1-kHz (non-interleaved and stem- mix)

• Normalization: -1dB

• Filename: we encourage you to use the standard convention for filenames as follows

L = Front Left
R = Front Right
C = Center
SL = Surround Left
SR = Surround Right
LFE = Low Frequency Effect / Subwoofer

Example of naming the files of a 2-track composition:

“your_name_L” and “your_name_R”


The works must be received by Friday, March 31st, 2017. For submission information, please see above.


A notification of acceptance will be sent to successful composers via email by Monday, May 1st, 2017. Selection criterion is based on the quality of the work. All selection decisions are at the discretion of the Elektro Arts international team.

Elektro Arts Events

Our aim for this open Call is to select electro-acoustic works of high-quality and unique, and to sustain multidisciplinary innovation among artists and scholars involved in digital arts. The two-day Festival will focus on live diffusion of electro- acoustic music, visual music, alongside installation and dance performance. Our vision is to uphold Digital Arts and make them accessible to the public.


PhD Adrian Borza

Academia de Muzică “Gheorghe Dima”
Elektro Arts
I.C. Brătianu 25, Cluj-Napoca, 400079 România

 Call for Works – Electroacoustic
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 23 November 2016
Details: How to submit

Elektramusic is always looking for new electroacoustic musics for the Radioshow, concerts, CD compilation, and for music+videos for the TV show and for video live performances, festival and much more. You can submit you electroacoustic music works, and-or your electroacoustic music and video art work as follows :

Musics : on Audio-CD (cd tracks) or Data-CD (with audio files : SDII, Wave, AIFF,…). Multiphonic works must be submitted in stereophonic version.

VideoArt and music : on DVD-DATA (high quality QuickTime or DV file), Video-DVD-vidéo, or mini-DV tape.

Please join to your submission a biography and work notice. For video works, please also include producer or video artist biography. Please print and fill in the submission form to complete your submission.

Submission by postal mail : Please send all your material by snail mail (please no registered mail) to : Elektramusic – 10 rue du Hohwald – 67000 Strasbourg France

Submission by web : You can send by web your audio/video files, with the submission form (filled and scanned), your bio and notice as pdf to our email (elektra at by using a file transfer service or cloud such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

 2017 UNCAGED::CONLON KEYBOARD PRIZE–Call for Submissions
Summary:Toy instrument competition
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 25 October 2016
Details: In 2017, for the first time, the UnCaged Toy Piano (US) and Conlon Foundation (NL) will collaborate on a joint call for submissions for the 2017 Robot Keyboard Prize. For this year’s competition, we are seeking adventurous new works for Ranjit Bhatnagar‘s midi-controlled Robot Toy Piano. Innovative ways of integrating electronics are encouraged, but not mandatory.

The prize for 1st place is a performance in the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht, Holland) in September 2017 and the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival (New York City, December 2017), plus $1000 of which $500 from the UnCaged Toy Piano and $500 from Conlon Foundation towards travel/accommodation costs, to enable the prize winner to attend the performance in Utrecht, NL. The prize for Honorable Mention is a performance in the Gaudeamus Muziekweek (Utrecht, Holland) in September 2017 and the UnCaged Toy Piano Festival (New York City, December 2017).

Guidelines for the competition:

1. The competition is open to composers and sound artists of all ages and nationalities.

2. Works must be written for the Robot Toy Piano as a concert work (not installations).

3. Works may include one live performer on a conventional or unconventional instrument (i.e. orchestral,homemade, or mechanized instrument)

4. The duration of the piece may be no longer than 15 minutes.

The deadline for submissions is April 1st, 2017 and should include:

1. A short bio of the composer in pdf.

2. A score/information sheet with a detailed description of the work in pdf.

3. An audio and/or video preview of the work in .mp3, .avi, or link to web.

The decision of the jury will be made public no later than June 1st, 2017.

• The Robot Toy Piano

Built by New York-based sound artist, Ranjit Bhatnagar, the robot toy piano is a redesigned player toy piano (PianoLodeon) that reads MIDI files. The range of the robot toy piano keyboard is midi note 36-64 (C3-E6) Here is a video of it playing every note: The robot toy piano can play off either a USB or traditional MIDI cable. Due to the delicate and homemade nature of the instrument, it is best not to ask the robot to fire more than eight notes simultaneously.

Submissions and inquiries should be sent to:

Summary:Electroacoustic commercial release
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 25 August 2016
Details: Have you got a great recording of your original electronic or electroacoustic composition that you would like issued on a commercially released CD?

Now is your chance with the ABLAZE Records call for Master tapes.

Submit your mastertape (digital recordings only please) to us for your chance to win a place on our ELECTRONIC MASTERS Vol. 6 CD. If our expert panel of composers and audio engineers chooses your work, you will win a spot on our FIFTH ELECTRONIC MASTERS CD. This will entitle you to a partially subsidized commercial release of your work worldwide during 2017.

1. The works can be for any ELECTRONIC OR ELECTROACOUSTIC medium and can include instrumental or vocal resources.

2. For any works involving texts the composer must also submit proof of copyright clearance and permission for use on a commercial recording.

3. The work must be a studio (rather than a ‘live’) recording

4. Works must be fully edited/mixed to a version suitable for mastering to a CD publication

5. Works must be in digital format (WAV/BWAVE file to at least 48K sample rate and at 24 bit resolution)

6. Include notes about any performers, composer and work

What we are looking for:

1. Very high quality recordings

2. Very high quality works

3. Very high quality performances

Who is Eligible:

Any composer without restriction as to style of music, age or nationality may submit a mastertape for consideration.

Submission Deadline

APRIL 1, 2017

 CALL FOR SCORES 2015 – Cello and Contrabass
Summary:Electroacoustic Call
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 20 May 2015
Details: 1. Call for Narrator/Speaker/Vocalist/Actor plus Electronic Music Scores (performer and "tape")

2. Call for "tape" pieces that have explicit political meaning

Narrator/Speaker/Vocalist/Actor plus Electronic Music Scores (performer and "tape")

Composer/performer Rodney Waschka II is looking for works for narrator or actor or speaker and electronic music fixed on two channels. Works will be considered for performance on the Arts NOW Series and elsewhere. You can read a review ( by the Classical Voice of North Carolina of a concert of this type of music performed in February, 2009. Waschka has performed works by Alden Jenks, Pertti Jalava, Mansoor Hosseini, Stephen Pope, Allen Strange, Pauline Oliveros, Mara Helmuth, and others.

If you have composed such a piece or are interested in composing such a work, please contract me.

"Tape" pieces that have explicit political meaning

Pieces of this type are needed for programming for the Arts NOW Series.

Please contact me if you have a piece that you think might be appropriate.

Web Site: