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small chamber ensemble Competitions & Call for pieces

Summary:Duo Call for Scores
Deadline: 20 September 2017
Date Posted: 24 May 2017
Details: Call for scores, TILT ENSEMBLE (Electric TILT Duo)
TILT Ensemble is pleased to announce a Call For Scores in order to expand his repertoire with new works by contemporary composers. This Call for Scores wants to expand the repertoire of the ELECTRIC TILT DUO (Antonio Bellandi, Electric Piano - Sergio Sorrentino, electric guitar).
The scores must to be write for Electric Piano (Fender Rhodes) and Electric Guitar.
Pieces can involve also electronics or tape. Submitted pieces may be no longer than 12 minutes in duration. There is no minimum duration.

Composers may submit multiple works using a single email. Submissions must be original through compositions, not arrangements. Composers of any age or nationality are invited to submit scores. There are no restrictions on the works submitted, pieces can be composed specifically for this project and Electric TILT Duo, and also pieces may have been previously performed, recorded, and/or awarded.

We will select a maximum of three compositions, which will be performed by the TILT Ensemble before the end of 2017.
The three winner compositions will be performed in the Palace of the Captain of Uzzano (PT), the place where Giacomo Puccini composed the second and third act of Bohème. TILT Ensemble will produce a CD including the three winner compositions. The recording will be published with an historical contemporary music international record label. The first one winner composition will be published by DA VINCI EDITIONS, Osaka.
There is a fee of 20 euro.
Each composer can participate with more works (up to three) paying only one fee.

The fee must to be payed by bank transfer to:
Accademia Musicale Uzzanese “G. Puccini”
IBAN: IT31H0835870550000000760247

The compositions that will be winners will be performed by the TILT Ensemble during the 2017 Concert Season and the firstt one will be published by DA VINCI EDITIONS, Osaka.
TILT Ensemble will make a CD with the three winner compositions. The recording will be published with an historical contemporary music international record label.

The work should be sent, by e-mail to and to
no later than september 20, 2017

The e-mail must contain:
Brief biography of the author (Max 300 characters)
Contact information of composer, in a separated file (e mail address, telephone, etc.)
Score in PDF format (score must to be without name of composer)
Short description of the piece.
A copy of the receipt for the payment of the entry fee.

For informations:

 Abundant Silence
Summary:Work for 1-5 players
Deadline: 31 May 2017
Date Posted: 24 May 2017
Details: The 2017 Composition Contest is Now Underway!!!

We will be accepting entries from March 1st through May 31st 2017.

Please read the Eligibility, Awards, Guidelines, and About and Selection Process below for complete information. No entry fee refunds will be granted to compositions/composers that do not fit our criteria.

Sign up to our mailing list to be sure to receive up to date information and progress on this program and other programs in Abundant Silence.

• Composers must be age 18+ (composers from all levels of professional experience are encouraged to apply)
• Composers cannot be a previous winner of this contest, currently in the Abundant Silence roster, or directly related to a composer currently on the Abundant Silence roster
• Composers of all nationalities are eligible
• Composers cannot be in an exclusive publishing contract with another publisher

• an original solo or chamber work for 1-5 players
• a complete work, no single movements of a multi-movement work will be accepted
• works should be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 15 minutes
• works must be original, no arrangements will be accepted
• works must have been written within the last 5 years and cannot be published or have won another prize
• available instrumentation: violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, flute, clarinet, trumpet, bassoon, oboe, french horn, trombone, percussion (vibraphone, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, drum set, wood block, congas, bongos, triangle, cow bell, cymbals, chimes, other small hand percussion including non-traditional or found items), prepared piano, electro-acoustic elements (amplified instruments or non-interactive).
• any combination of the above instrumentation will be accepted but no more than 2 of any single instrument
• audio recordings are not required but highly encouraged


 Illumine 2017-2018 Commissioning Prize
Summary:Chamber Call
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 17 May 2017
Details: illumine’s Commissioning Prize is an initiative both to feature the works of emerging composers, and to bolster the repertory for the voice-violin-piano trio. Composers of all ages and nationalities are welcome to apply.


•The winning composer will be awarded a commission, equalling the sum of all application fees combined.

•50% of the prize will be awarded immediately and – upon completion of a new work for voice, violin, and piano – the composer will receive the remaining 50%.

•The commissioned piece will be scored exactly for mezzo-soprano (tessitura, A3 to A5), violin, and piano. Use of electronics is permitted, depending on the complexity of setup and availability of the composer in performance. The work must be between 10-20 minutes in duration.

•Text and subject matter will be determined between illumine and the composer, based on concert themes and programming.

•The composer will sign an agreement, granting illumine unlimited but not exclusive performing/recording rights to the new work.

•Up to two runners up may be awarded. Their application submission pieces will be featured on illumine’s 2018 concert series.

THE APPLICATION – Composers must submit the following (scores and recordings) via email attachment or Google Drive link to (subject: Commissioning Prize Submission):

•Two contrasting scores, one of which must be written for voice, violin, and piano OR a subset of two (ie. voice & piano, violin & piano). We expect that the latter is the more likely option. The second score may be for any instrumentation.

•Recordings of the submitted scores. Live recordings are preferred, but MIDI renditions will be accepted.

•The $40 application fee via PayPal, your “contribution” to the prize pool. As competition grows, so does the reward.

 "Cantando" Call for Scores
Summary:String Quartet Competition
Deadline: 01 June 2017
Date Posted: 17 May 2017
Details: String quartet "Cantando" announces its first international "Call for scores". Composers regardless of age and citizenship/country of residence are welcome to apply.

Composers may send compositions for instrumentation which can be chosen in any combinations from 1 to 4 performers from the following:

2 violins

Duration: up to 20 minutes

Compositions previously performed in public or which have won awards on other competitions are allowed. We want your best piece(s)!

It is possible to use electronics, but only in the form of a tape (stereo). In any case, if you plan to send a piece involving electronics, it is better to discuss in advance the technical rider of your composition by sending technical specifications of your piece to the following e-mail address:

We will answer you back as soon as possible wether it's possible for us to realize this time or not.

We will select 5-7 compositions which will be performed at a concert in the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the National Center of Contemporary Art "Arsenal" on July, 4 2017. Selected composers will be provided with professional recordings of their compositions.
The selection will be made by the musicians of "Cantando".

Deadline for submission: June, 1 2017
The results will be announced after June, 5 2017
The date of performance of selected works: July, 4 2017

Please submit applications to Applications should include:
1) Score (pdf)
2) Recording in mp3 (optional)
3) Short biography
4) Entry fee

An entry fee of $10 per one composition should be paid via "Donate" button lower. Multiple submissions are accepted (but each score must be accompanied by a fee of $ 10)

 Two-minute piece for two flutes
Summary:Duet Call
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 26 April 2017
Details: Iwona Glinka (Athens-based flutist) and Ewa Liebchen (Warsaw-based flutist) are seeking for new two-minute pieces for performance and recording. Submissions must be not yet commercially released on recording. It is acceptable if the music has been disseminated on the Internet via YouTube, Soundcloud, personal web sites, etc., as long as a commercial recording has not yet been produced.

Submissions must be two flutes (piccolo, flute, alto, bass) works. The length should be two minutes. The style is open to the taste of the composer.

The intention for selected submissions is to present them in live performance in programs and then to record them for a CD made up exclusively of submissions from this call to be released on Sarton Label Full physical and digital distribution via Warner Music, Naxos Music Library, Linn, Hdtracks, Qobuz, HighResAudio, eClassical,, iTrax, ProStudioMasters, Onkyo, iTunes and more.

Four-stages submission process:

First stage until July 1, 2017.

- No fee in first stage

- No works over two minute will be reviewed.

- Multiple submissions are accepted.

- Provide a maximum 50-word biography and 50-word program notes in English

- Upload a score as a PDF file to

- Demo recordings are welcome via a link to Dropbox, Soundcloud, or other external hosting site. Please do not email audio files.

Second stage until August 1, 2017.

- All selected composer's works will be subsidised for the performance, recording and distribution of their work.
- Agreement signing

- Fee 200 Euro via PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer (recording equipment, sound engineer, editing, preparing the master, renting venue, cover and inside design, CD production, distribution)

Third stage until January 1, 2018

- Concert and Recording

Fourth stage until May 1, 2018

- Sending to every composer 10 copies of CD album

 Announcing the 2018 Garth Newel Piano Quartet Composition Competition
Summary:Piano Quartet Competition
Deadline: 28 November 2017
Date Posted: 20 March 2017
Details: Previous winners:
2015 - Polina Nazaykinskaya; Russia
2013 - Paolo Boggio; Italy
2012 - Alberto E. Colla; Italy
2011 - Ivan Bozicevic; Croatia

The Winner will receive:
• A $3000 cash prize
• A performance of the winning work by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet on the 2018 Summer Music Festival in July, 2018
• A travel stipend to work with the Garth Newel Piano Quartet and attend the premiere in Hot Springs, Virginia
• A high-quality audio and video recording
• Frequent performances of their work by the Garth Newel Piano Quartet, and an eventual studio recording for public release by the quartet.
• NEW! Winner will have the opportunity to also participate in a short-term residency during the time of the premiere. The residency will take place during Garth Newel’s prestigious Emerging Artist Fellowship chamber music program.
• The winner will have the opportunity to work closely with the Garth Newel Piano Quartet and our 12 Emerging Artist Fellows, with the possibility of readings and performances of additional works by the composer involving all or any combination of 5 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos, and 1 piano.
• Receive high quality recordings of these reading sessions and performances
• Collaborate and network with talented musicians from the top music schools.

▪ Submitted works must be for violin, viola, cello and piano. Piano trios and quintets are not accepted.
▪ There is no time limit for works.
▪ Submissions from any composer, regardless of age or citizenship, are welcome.
▪ The work must be originally conceived as a piano quartet. Arrangements of previously completed work that have been performed or published are not acceptable
Refer to our FAQ for more clarification

Compositions are ineligible if:
They require live electronics or cannot be performed with just stereo playback
The work has already received a professional premiere.
If they are a transcription or arrangement of another work that has been performed or published.
They have already been professionally recorded for commercial CD release;
The work, in any instrumentation, has been published.
Refer to our FAQ for more clarification

Each composer must submit:
A legible score and parts of professional quality labeled with a pseudonym. No marks identifying the composer may appear anywhere on the score. The title of the work is permissible.
An envelope labeled with the composer’s pseudonym. Information within the envelope should include the composer’s name, address, telephone number, email address and one-paragraph biography.
A digital recording of the work labeled with the composer’s pseudonym (CDs or flash drives are acceptable). MIDI realizations are acceptable.
A self-addressed stamped envelope of appropriate size if the composer wishes to have their materials returned.

All materials should be mailed to:
Composer Competition
Garth Newel Music Center
403 Garth Newel Lane
Hot Springs, VA 24445

All materials must be received by November 28, 2017. Applicants will be notified of the result by e-mail no later than January 31, 2018.


 Trio Anima Mundi 2017 Composition Prize
Summary:Piano Trio Competition
Deadline: 01 September 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: Trio Anima Mundi (Kenji Fujimura – piano, Rochelle Ughetti – violin, Noella Yan – cello) is an international award-winning chamber music ensemble based in Melbourne, Australia. Their annual subscription series has become noted for its eclectic and diverse programming, presented by the ensemble with ‘welcome energy and persuasive authority’. Along with the standard canon of music for piano trio, Trio Anima Mundi has rediscovered many gems from the past, presenting rare performances of works by the likes of Theodore Dubois, Hermann Goetz, and Charles Stanford. Their debut CD recording of piano trios by William Hurlstone, Max d’Ollone, Dag Wiren and Miriam Hyde on the Divine Art label was a 2013 Musicweb International Recording of the Year. The seventh Trio Anima Mundi Composition Prize will be held in 2017.


Eligibility: The competition is open to living composers of all ages and nationalities. Previous winners of this competition are ineligible. Composers must submit a work for piano trio (piano, violin, cello) of 6-10 minutes duration. It may be a multi-movement work, but the total duration must not exceed the maximum of ten minutes. No electronics or amplification are permitted. The internal workings of the piano (such as string plucking) may not be used.

The submission must consist of:
- completed application form
- copy of the application fee payment receipt
- short biography (approx. 200 words)
- short programme notes about the composition (up to 200 words)
- publicity photograph; and ONE COPY EACH of:
- full score (piano) - violin part - cello part (optional: MIDI recording)

The minimum size for the score will be A4. We strongly encourage you to submit your composition score and parts as Sibelius (.sib) files (or PDF files) on a USB drive, SD card, or CD-ROM, or submit via online file transfer (such as Wetransfer). We will also accept printed submissions via post.

If a recording (e.g. MIDI) is available, it can be submitted in .wav, .mp3 or mp4 format (optional). The submitted work may not have been previously published, performed, commercially recorded or received an award from another competition. Multiple entries are permitted. However, each score must be accompanied by a separate application form and fee. The submission must be made via anonymous entry. A codename must be chosen and indicated on the application form. All scores must be marked with the codename. Scores must not have any marking which may identify the composer.

Deadline for submission: All entries must be received by 5pm Australian Eastern
Standard Time on Friday 1st September. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Application fee: AUD$40 per entry. This must be paid online by going to and following the links to the composition prize.

Selection process: All submitted works will be reviewed by a jury panel, which will include members of Trio Anima Mundi. Any jury member or their students will not be able to participate in this competition.

The jury’s decision is final and may not be appealed. The jury reserve the right not to award a prize, or to share the prize.

Prize: The winning entry will receive a cash prize of AUD$1000 and its world premiere performances during the 2017 Trio Anima Mundi Series. Two performances will be made, on 29th October and 12th November, and may be recorded for future broadcast or CD. All participants must agree for their work to be performed, recorded and broadcast by Trio Anima Mundi.

Participants will not receive any fee for the premiere performances or broadcast of their work. In the event that there is more than one winner, the prize money will be shared at the discretion of Trio Anima Mundi. The prize winner(s) must agree for their name and images (e.g. photographs) to be used for publicity purposes, without remuneration, by Trio Anima Mundi.

The winner(s) of the 2017 Trio Anima Mundi Composition Prize will be notified via email and announced on the Trio Anima Mundi website ( by Friday 13th October. The winner(s) will be offered a complimentary ticket and invited to attend the premiere performances. Any travel and accommodation-related costs will not be covered by Trio Anima Mundi. After the premiere performances, the composer must agree to indicate clearly in any subsequent (published or unpublished) score, recording or performance of the winning work that the work was ‘winner of 2017 Trio Anima Mundi Composition Prize’.

Return of scores: After the winner is announced, no scores will be returned unless the initial submission is accompanied by a self-addressed envelope large enough to contain the scores, and with sufficient postage for return receipt. Trio Anima Mundi will not take any responsibility for scores which are unable to be returned due to insufficient postage.

Postal Entries to be sent to:

Associate Professor Kenji Fujimura
c/- Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music, Building 68, 55 Scenic Boulevard,
Monash University, Victoria, AUSTRALIA 3800 Electronic Entries to be sent to:


Applications close: Results announced: Premiere performances:
5pm, Friday 1st September
Friday 13th October
Sunday 29th October and 12th November

 CNM call for scores: harpsichord duets
Summary:Keyboard duet competition
Deadline: 01 December 2017
Date Posted: 12 October 2016
Details: Colchester New Music is pleased to announce a call for scores for harpsichord duet, to be performed by the Knights-Tidhar harpsichord duo in Colchester in Spring 2018. All works submitted must be original, and not exceeding 7 minutes in length. There are no stylistic limitations.

Francis Knights and Dan Tidhar ( are the world’s busiest early keyboard duo, giving many performances each year of repertoire which ranges from the Renaissance to the present day. They are actively seeking to expand the small contemporary repertoire for two harpsichords.

For the harpsichords, assume one double-manual instrument of FF-f3 compass with 2 x 8′, 1 x 4’ stops, and one single-manual instrument of GG-d3, 2 x 8′; they will match in tone and volume. Many recordings of modern harpsichord styles can be found on YouTube, and is also worth a visit. For technical queries, please contact

Submissions will be judged anonymously by the performers and an external judge; scores must be submitted in pdf format, and the composer’s name must not appear anywhere on the score. All submissions must be accompanied by a completed application form.

Composers may submit up to three pieces – Entry fee is £3 for one, £5 for two or £7 for three pieces, or free for CNM members, students and under 25s (note: proof of age/studentship will be required).

Scores and application forms should be e-mailed to by 1st December 2017. Links to the downloadable application form and payment details are below:

 Duo Scordatura "Call for Scores"
Summary:Violin and Viola Duet Call for Scores
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 28 May 2014
Details: Want to have your composition performed next year?....
Yeah you do!!!

Through out the the 2014-2015 season WE will be selecting and performing new works for the Duo of violin and viola.

1. There are no guidelines or fees!!
2. Your composition must be awesome. (very very important!!!)
3. You can use scordatura tuning (but not rules #1 and #2)
4. Summit compositions to us through our email address icon at top right corner
4a. include a resume/bio
4b. include PDF of composition....score and individual parts
4c. recommended to also summit any recording or midi of the piece
4d. last but not least your contact info.

Web Site: