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 FilmScore Competition 2017
Summary:Film Music Competition
Deadline: 01 May 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017
Details: The eagerly anticipated FilmScore Competition is LIVE and this year. we're animated.

This competition is for 14 - 19 year olds to write a score for a short film. We have selected 4 shot, animated films (2 are available now, 2 more will be online soon).

Simply sign up for the competition here and follow the instructions in the email.

New this year - we are thrilled to be working with Wiltshire Music Centre, to offer new expertise and exposure to the competition.

Do please share this with 14 - 19 year olds, secondary schools, teachers, music teachers, parents, we would love your help in spreading the word.

FilmScore 2017 opens on 6th February 2017

The deadline for submissions is 1st May 2017

The shortlist will be announced on 22nd May 2017

Grand final will be held in mid-June 2017


 113 Composers' Collective
Summary:Competition with 3 Categories
Deadline: 30 April 2017
Date Posted: 22 February 2017

113 is accepting scores for their 2017-18 concert season. Selected scores may be programmed at any point during the season. Composers who are accepted are encouraged (but not required) to attend. Composers of any age or nationality may apply. We are accepting scores in three categories:

1. Solo works for any instrument or voice type

2. Duos for saxophone with piano

3. Works for 1-4 Female Vocalists (2 Soprani and 2 Mezzo-Soprani)

Submissions may include electronics or improvisation.


Scores should be submitted electronically to with the subject heading, “113 Call for Scores.” Please attach a PDF of the score and include the link to an mp3 recording (if available). Composers may submit multiple scores, but please note that there is a $ 5.00 fee for each score submission. Submission fees will be accepted through Paypal.

 CALL FOR SCORES: "Dramatic Tensions" for the 2017-2018 Season
Summary:Call with Three Categories
Deadline: 15 March 2017
Date Posted: 08 February 2017
Details: The Boston New Music Initiative is announcing a call for scores to be programmed as part of BNMI’s ninth season. Incorporated in 2010, BNMI aims to advance the careers of its members in the field of new music by serving as a resource for networking, professional development, commissioning, collaboration, and programming. The call is open for acoustic, electro-acoustic, and multimedia works. Any composer is eligible to submit regardless of age, nationality, sex, color, creed, sexual orientation, marital status, disability or veteran status. The theme of BNMI's Ninth Season, which runs 2017-2018 will be “Dramatic Tensions” and preference will be given to works which relate to that theme.

We aim to program one (1) to three (3) works per category.

Category 1: Solos
Works for any solo instrument: from BNMI’s core ensemble (see Instrumentation below).
Category 2: Duets, Trios and Quartets
Works for 2-4 players: for duets, one of the instruments must be from BNMI’s core ensemble, for trios and quartets, two of the instruments must be from BNMI’s core ensemble (see Instrumentation below).
Category 3: Ensemble
Works for 5-10 players, at least three of which must be from BNMI’s core ensemble (see Instrumentation below).

• Instrumentation. BNMI’s core ensemble consists of Flute (doubling Piccolo, Alto Flute or Bass Flute), Clarinet in B-flat (doubling Clarinet in A, or Bass Clarinet in B-flat), Violin, Violoncello, Piano and Percussion. Works with unusual percussion instruments or a large number of percussion instruments may not be able to be programmed. Stereo electronic, electroacoustic, or multimedia works are accepted, but at least one live performer must be used (no fixed-media). Any additional instruments should be standard orchestral instruments or singers. Works including rarer instruments such as Harp or Celesta may not be able to be programmed.
• Duration. Works can be of any duration, although preference may be given to works which are 12 minutes or less. Multimedia. For all multimedia submissions, composers must either indicate that they have the rights to the specific multimedia element to be used (e.g. the film, tape, MAX/MSP patch, choreography, artwork, etc.) and grant BNMI permission to utilize it during performance, or else grant BNMI permission, at its discretion, to create a multimedia element. In the second case, BNMI reserves the right to incorporate or not to incorporate multimedia elements at its sole discretion.
• Electronics. Scores of works involving electronic elements must include information on the specific technical requirements for performance. Likewise, multimedia works must indicate any extramusical forces needed. Works utilizing excessive electronic equipment may not be able to be programmed.
• Number of Entries. There is no limit on the number of works a composer may submit, however each work should be submitted as a separate entry. Multi-movement works should be submitted as single entries, even if movements are in separate files. (The submission process allows for multiple files per entry.)
• Anonymity. All submissions must be anonymous. Scores or other materials with names or other identifying marks will not be considered. Please remove all identifying marks from all materials (except the composer information page, see submission process below) before submitting. Please make sure no meta-data including names or identifying marks remain in submitted files. No pseudonyms or code numbers are necessary.
• Membership. Composers wishing to submit scores must become members of BNMI; Associate Membership is free and Full Membership is $20 a year. Information on membership benefits can be found here.
• Questions? First check the FAQ section below. If you still have questions, please address them to Note: Please DO NOT send submission materials to this email address as the materials cannot be submitted using this method. When submitting inquiries, please be as generic as possible, and DO NOT include the title of your piece in the query in order to preserve anonymity.
• File Formats. The only acceptable file formats are:
For the score: .pdf
For (optional) audio recordings: .mp3 or .m4a
For (optional) video: .mov or .m4v
All other materials: .doc, .docx, .txt, .rtf, .odt, or .pdf
• Delivery of Music. Selected composers are required to provide electronic copies of the full score and parts within four (4) weeks of their notification of selection. If electronics or multimedia are involved, all files required for performance and rehearsal must be submitted within the same time frame.

Submission Process
Composers are asked to use our submission portal to upload the following materials (each as separate documents).
• An anonymous PDF file of the score.
• A recording of the work (not required but encouraged)
• For works using electronics, a detailed description of technical requirements and processes needed (i.e. a “tech rider”).
• An entry fee for each submission. The entry fee for this competition is $5 for each submission for Full Members and $15 for Associate Members. Membership information can be found here.
• An information sheet containing the following:
Composer’s contact information (name, phone number, physical mailing address, email address, and website URL, if any)
Title, instrumentation, and duration of the work
Work’s date of completion and complete performance history
Performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, etc.) associated with the work and/or composer, if any
Composer’s year of birth (for program information only)
Composer biography and program notes for the work (maximum 300 words each), to be used if the work is selected. BNMI reserves the right to truncate the program notes or composer biography if either exceeds the word limit.

FAQs and Helpful Hints:
• Please note that new memberships may take up to 24 hours to be approved (although usually much less). Composers signing up as new members who wish to submit to this competition should be sure to allot enough time for the approval process to complete in order to meet the March 15 deadline.
• The submission portal is not available without login credentials. Composers who are not existing BNMI members must first submit a membership application in order to create login credentials.
• Once all files have been added for each work, be sure to complete your payment in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Full members must have dues paid in order to receive discounts. For those composers submitting more than one entry, payment should be made only after ALL entries have been completed.
• You may check to see if your submission is complete by logging out, and then logging back in and returning to the submission portal. If you are able to view your submitted materials under your piece title, then they have been received.


 Call for Young Composer Works
Summary:Young composers' call
Deadline: 15 March 2017
Date Posted: 01 February 2017
Details: Deadline: March 15, 2017

What: Composers under 18 years of age as of January 1, 2017, of all nationalities and genres, are encouraged to submit music to Composer’s Toolbox, for analysis and publicity.
Composer’s Toolbox is a website that focuses on the technical aspect of composing, at every stage and level of the compositional process. Selected works will be used to demonstrate effective uses of compositional techniques in contemporary music.

Why: All works will receive constructive comments and feedback from working composers and musicians. Selected works will be featured on Composer’s Toolbox—a website that has thousands of page views a month—as an educational resource and to promote the music of young composers.

How: One submission per applicant, please. (Send us your best work!) The current deadline is listed above. Send an email to with the following:

• Score and/or program notes: can be attached or linked to, in PDF, Word, Google Drive, DropBox, Finale, Sibelius, Noteflight, etc.
• Audio: can be attached or linked to, in any audio format (please do not attach very large files). MIDI realizations are completely acceptable, as long as they are audio files (not .mid files).
• Parent/guardian permission to publish your name online, or, if no permission, a pseudonym they would like us to use.

There is no submission fee.

We look forward to examining the compositional tools used in your featured work.
Dan at Composer’s Toolbox and Composer Aaron Mencher

 Join the next round of Composer-Curator
Summary:Concert management opportunity
Deadline: 28 February 2017
Date Posted: 12 January 2017
Details: Composer-Curator 2017

Are you a composer who also puts on new music events - from devising a programme and bringing the artists together, to drafting a budget and coordinating the logistics? If so, this call is for you.

We are looking for the next round of entrepreneurial artists to join our Composer-Curator programme - our refreshed new music touring programme that supports grassroots new much activity across the UK

What is Composer-Curator?

Composer-Curator supports entrepreneurial artists from a range of disciplines looking to create their own opportunities by curating their own events – tours, festivals and concert series – celbrating a change in step in the world of live music touring.

The programme not only creates a space for artists to produce new work; it enables them to hone their curational skills, generating a more sustainable form of practice that can positively impact the new music sector as a whole.

What do we offer?

We are looking to support exciting new music events across the country - from the traditional to the avant garde.

You can find out more about who we have supported before by visiting out Past Projects page or reading interviews with last year's cohort in The Skinny: A Quiet Night In // White Cane // Nobilis Humilis and In Their Own Words // Drivetime Underground

Artists involved in the programme receive a bespoke package of financial, marketing and audience development support tailored to their individual requirements, enabling them to better understand and grow audiences outside established cultural institutions, alongside other professional development.

They are encouraged to curate gender-balanced, accessible programmes that are inclusive to all audiences and best represent the breadth of talent and artistry present in the UK today.

 Lake George Music Festival
Summary:Festival Performance Opportunity
Deadline: 28 February 2017
Date Posted: 10 January 2017
Details: The Lake George Music Festival is a strong supporter of contemporary classical music, and annually hosts an international competition to promote its continued development and dissemination. Our mission is to find and recruit the next generation of leading composers and promote their work to the world at large. We will pair the most promising works with our roster of exceptional performers, fostering long-lasting relationships between artists of the highest caliber. By promoting the movement that contemporary music is alive, inspirational, and relevant to every community, we are doing our part to connect Lake George with the evolution of this tradition.


The 2017 submission period will be from January 1st to February 28th. Please submit the following materials via ONE email with attachments to The subject line of the email should read “LGMF Composition Competition” followed by your full name.

-An anonymous .pdf file of the composition score. The score should be labeled with the title of the work and printed date of composition only. Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one joint .pdf file.
-An anonymous recording in mp3 format. Recordings must be complete (no excerpts) and must be labeled with the title of the work only and sent as an email attachment. Live instrumental recordings are strongly preferred over MIDI renditions. If submitting MIDI please take the time to create an audio file which sounds as realistic as is possible. Composers submitting a piece for electronics/amplified instruments must submit a live performance or studio recording (not MIDI). Multi-movement pieces should be submitted together as one joint .mp3 file. Please edit out any tuning/clapping.
-A curriculum vitae with full name, date of birth, and complete contact information (this will not be viewed by the jury).
-A PayPal receipt proving the application fee has been paid. Please pay application fee at the same time when submitting materials.

All steps outlined above must be completed and submitted in their entirety by the deadline. No exceptions can be made whatsoever. If you wait until February 28th, we cannot guarantee any issues that arise during staff review, including missing or incorrect documents, will be resolved by the application deadline. Consequently, LGMF urges you to submit immediately.


$10 – Payment will be accepted via credit/debit card through PayPal by clicking the button below. PayPal accounts are not required. Application fee is not refundable, please review guidelines carefully.

 BBC Proms Inspire
Summary:Young Composers' Competition
Deadline: 25 May 2017
Date Posted: 10 January 2017
Details: Now in its nineteenth year, the BBC Proms Inspire scheme provides 12-18 year olds with a friendly environment to share ideas, meet like-minded composers and develop their musical creativity, while working alongside some of the UK’s top composers and musicians. If you are 12-18 years old and want to make your own music, read on to find out how to join the BBC Proms Inspire scheme and enter the BBC Proms Inspire Competition.

"BBC Proms Inspire shines a light on new and emerging talent among our youngest composers. Last year, I and my fellow-judges were amazed and inspired by the quality of work by young teenagers, and I can’t wait to hear what the next competition reveals!" Jonathan Dove, Inspire Competition judge 2016

What is the BBC Proms Inspire Competition 2017?

"The BBC's long-established and justly celebrated Inspire Competition is the UK's leading event for young composers – and a wonderful opportunity for musically curious people aged 12 to 18.” Judith Weir, Inspire Competition judge 2016

The BBC Proms Inspire Competition continues to provide what most composers only dream of; the chance to have your music performed by professional musicians at the BBC Proms and broadcast on BBC Radio 3. Not only this, winners also receive a BBC commission for a high-profile performance and are mentored throughout the process by a professional composer.

We are looking for music that is original, unique and inspiring. It can be completely innovative or can use the music and ideas of the past to inspire new and exciting pieces of music. There are no restrictions on the type of music you can enter – whatever your style and inspiration, we want to hear it!

What is the prize?

Winners will be given the opportunity to have their work performed at the BBC Proms by professional musicians and broadcast on Radio 3.
Winners will also receive a BBC commission.
Please read the terms and conditions for full details.

Who are the judges?

Entries will be judged by a panel of leading composers and music industry professionals who are passionate about finding and developing young talent. This year’s judges include composers Mark-Anthony Turnage, Charlotte Bray, Fraser Trainer, Kerry Andrew, Hannah Kendall and Director of the BBC Proms, David Pickard.

What are the rules?

It's very important that you read the full terms and conditions for the competition, for full rules and details on how to submit your entry. You are advised to read these carefully as invalid entries will be disqualified. If you’re aged 12 to 16, ask a parent or guardian to read these too as they will need to give their consent for you to enter. The closing date for entries is Thursday 25 May 2017.

How to enter

Please refer to the terms and conditions for full details on how to submit a valid entry. If you need any further information or require clarification of the meaning of any of the terms and conditions, please contact a member of the Proms Learning team by emailing

Download, print and complete an Entry Form. If you’re aged 12 to 16 make sure a parent or guardian reads and completes the bottom section of the form to give their consent for you to enter.

Send your complete entry by post only to: BBC Proms Inspire Young Composers’ Competition, PO Box 7905, London, W1A 1UL. (Please note that this facility cannot accept any mail from carriers other than Royal Mail. The PO Box facility will terminate at close of business on 25 May 2017 and any late entries will not be accepted. In the event of a prolonged postal strike, the period for submission will be extended as appropriate. Entries delivered in person will not be accepted.)
The closing date for entries is Thursday 25 May 2017. Any entries received after this date will not be entered in the competition.

 Bowling Green State University’s College of Musical Arts
Summary:Perfomance Opportunity
Deadline: 01 May 2017
Date Posted: 10 January 2017
Details: The MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music at Bowling Green State University’s College of Musical Arts announces a call for works to be considered for performance on the 38th Annual Bowling Green New Music Festival, to be held October 18-21, 2017. The festival will feature the music of guest composers Steven Mackey and Sarah Kirkland Snider and others, performed by BGSU faculty, students and featured guest ensemble Latitude 49.

This year, we are seeking works for the following instrumentation:

Works for solo flute, unaccompanied or with piano
Works for solo trumpet unaccompanied or with piano
Works for solo piano
Works for flute and percussion duo
Works for brass quintet (2 trumpets, trombone, horn, tuba)

1.) Composers of any age, nationality or institutional affiliation, except those currently enrolled at or employed by Bowling Green State University, are eligible to submit scores.

1.) All submissions should be made electronically, and should include the following:
a.) Full score in PDF format
b.) If available, a recording (MP3 or WAV format) or link to a recording (via your own personal web site, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc) that can be streamed or downloaded online.
c.) Contact information including name, address, email, and a short bio or resume.

Submissions via email ( are preferred. Submissions via DropBox, WeTransfer, or other file-sharing service will also be accepted.

Only one submission per composer will be considered for inclusion on the festival.

Exceptions to the electronic submission rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please forward any questions or concerns to MACCM Director Kurt Doles (

2.) Entries must be received by Wednesday, March 15th 2017 to be considered for performance.

3.) Composers selected to participate must provide scores, parts and other performance materials at their own expense. Attendance at the festival is required; a small honorarium of $200 is offered to help offset travel costs.

4.) Composers whose pieces have been selected for performance will be notified via email before May 1, 2017.

 Liberal Judaism Music Composition Competition
Summary:Competition with sacred theme
Deadline: 11 May 2017
Date Posted: 04 January 2017
Details: Are you a musician in a Liberal Jewish community? Have you ever composed music for use in your place of worship? If you have, then keep reading – if you haven’t, then this is your chance!

We are extremely lucky to have a growing number of keen and dedicated musicians in our communities, and over the next six months we will be running the Liberal Judaism Music Composition Competition to showcase the best new, home-grown, music.

All entries will be judged by a cross-communal panel, with a select few awarded a prize and performed at next year’s Day of Celebration. Where possible, all other entries will be recorded and made available to Liberal Jewish congregations. The entry requirements are:

• Must have Jewish content, for example an adaptation of a current prayer or text, or be inspired by Jewish tradition.

• Must be between one and five minutes.

• Must be submitted in full musical notation, with a recording if possible (we can help with this).

• Must be accompanied by no more than 300 words describing the inspiration behind the composition.

• Does not necessarily have to use a voice, but please consider the practical ‘performability’ of the piece.

• The composer must be a member of a Liberal Jewish community.

Please send competition entries, along with any questions you may have, to before 11 May 2017.

 DSQ 2016 National Composition Competition
Summary:Competition for US Composers
Deadline: 01 March 2017
Date Posted: 07 December 2016
Details: 1st Prize - Two first prize winners will receive $500 each, have their piece premiered by DSQ, and receive audio and video recordings of the work.

Runner-Ups - Up to 7 runners-up will have their pieces premiered by DSQ and receive audio and video recordings of their piece.

- All composers must be currently registered students, of any degree level, in a music program in the United States as of January 2017.
- Previous first-prize winners are not eligible, all other composers are welcome.
- There is no application fee.
- All submitted pieces must not have been premiered in a public recital.
- New arrangements/transcriptions of your own works are acceptable provided they have not been performed in that version before.
- Pieces must be at least 3 minutes in length
- All composers are encouraged to view our recordings to become acquainted with various technical possibilities for the ensemble. Any composer with specific questions regarding technique or composing for saxophone quartet is encouraged to contact Dan Graser -
- Pieces must be submitted, score and parts, in PDF format to info@donaldsintaquartet by March 1st, 2017. Included with your piece please include a brief bio and resume detailing your current enrollment in a collegiate music program in the United States.
- MIDI audio files of submissions are encouraged but not required.

 Warren County Summer Music School
Summary:Young Composers' Competition
Deadline: 01 March 2017
Date Posted: 07 December 2016
Details: Warren County Summer Music School is pleased to announce its fourth annual Promising Young Composers Competition.

The application and information can be found at

Original, unpublished compositions,vocal or instrumental, by composers ages 15--18, 19--23 and 24--30 must be received by March 1, 2017, in order to be considered for a $1,000 prize as wellas $250 age group awards.


 Composition Competition IN MEMORY OF ALMA GRAYCE MILLER
Summary:Composition, open instrumentation
Deadline: 09 March 2017
Date Posted: 30 November 2016
March 9, 2017

$17.00 per entrant. All fees are nonrefundable.

1. Fill out the application. Click application 2017.
2. Submit four clear photocopies of each manuscript. On the manuscript, write the title of the piece, the composer’s age, and number of years of study. The composer’s name must not appear on the manuscript.
3. Include two CDs of the composition. Label each CD with the name of the composition (one composition per CD). Composer’s name must not be on CDs. Important: Select CD’s that are designated for Music. Example: Memorex Music CD-R. Alternately, teachers may submit a digital file of the music to, clearly labeled with the same information.

Mail application, manuscripts, CDs (or electronically submitted digital files) and one check per studio, payable to NVMTA, to:

Libby McConnell
1220 Bishopsgate Way
Reston, VA 20194
Libby McConnell and Sheila Epstein

This competition is intended to encourage the writing of original creative compositions. It is in memory of Alma Grayce Miller, a former NVMTA member, who left funds for this purpose.

Participants must study with an active member teacher of NVMTA or pay the non-member fee (as defined in the bylaws). Compositions must be in student’s own handwriting or in the form of a computer printout personally produced by the composer.

There is no restriction on the selection of instruments. However, if the composition includes the composer’s instrument, the composer must be one of the performers on the CD submitted. There are neither age or grade requirements nor requirements concerning form, style, or length of composition.

Participating teachers must contribute time toward the success of this competition. Teachers should expect to work two hours as well as to attend the recital. Duties will be divided among all participating teachers at the discretion of the coordinator. Teachers who fail to carry out assigned duties may not enter students in the event in the following year.

McLean Symphony Concert: The conductor of the McLean Symphony, Dingwall Fleary, will select compositions to be orchestrated and performed on their 2018 youth concert. The 2017 youth concert will be February 18 at the Montessori School of McLean and will feature previous years’ composition competition Symphony winners. See for more information.

The Jo Lombard Award ($150) will be given by competition judges to one overall outstanding composition. Second ($75) and third place ($50) awards may be awarded by judges at their discretion.

Honors Recital: Entrants awarded honors by the judges will play their compositions at the Composition Competition Honors Recital on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 7 pm at the Woman’s Club of Arlington.

Each student will receive judges’ comments, certificate of participation, and a CD of all compositions, which may be picked up, along with CDs and manuscripts, at the Honors Recital or at the April and May NVMTA meetings.


March 9, 2017

$17.00 per entrant. All fees are nonrefundable.

1. Fill out the application and rating sheet application 2017.
2. Submit four clear photocopies of each manuscript. On the manuscript, write the title of the piece, the composer’s age, and number of years of study. The composer’s name must not appear on the manuscript.
3. Include two good quality CDs with composer playing composition. Place name of composition on each CD (NOT the name of the composer). Only one composition per CD. Use only music CD’s (ex. Memorex Music CD-R).

Libby McConnell
1220 Bishopsgate Way
Reston, VA 20194
Libby McConnell and Sheila Epstein

 International Composition Competition
Summary:International Percussion Competition
Deadline: 15 May 2017
Date Posted: 02 November 2016
Details: Preface
Please find enclosed the official regulations and registration form of the Composition Competition for percussion duo organised by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg.

You are kindly requested to read carefully the following paragraphs and in case of interest, to fill in the registration form and to send it to the Office of the Competition.

Please keep your correspondences in the official languages of the Competition: French, German or English.

The subject of the Composition Competition of the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg ( IPCL ) is a work for percussion duo.

Duration: 7-8 minutes

Suggested instruments:
• Marimbas, xylophones, vibraphones, glockenspiels, timpani • Snare drums, bongos, tomtoms, bass drums
• Templeblocks, woodblocks, claves
• Suspended Cymbals, hihat, 1-2 tamtams/gongs, triangles

The use of electronics is not permitted.
In June 2017, the jury of the Competition will select the prize-winning work, which will be the setpiece for the 1st round of the Percussion-Duo Competition 2018 organised by the International Percussion Competition Luxembourg and taking place from 10th until 18th February 2018.

 Ablaze Records
Summary:Multiple Opportunities
Deadline: 01 April 2017
Date Posted: 19 October 2016
Details: Hong Kong New Music Ensemble—LIVE FROM PRAGUE-ECHOFLUXX 17 Festival—Live recording Opportunity
Calling for Scores for Violins (2), viola, cello, double bass, piano, flute, clarinet, bassoon, zheng, conductor for a concert performance and live recording in Prague, Czech Republic as part of the ECHOFLUXX 17 Festival.
CLOSING DATE: February 1, 2017

Orchestral Masters, Vol. 5
Calling for Orchestral Scores for our Fifth Volume of Orchestral Masters to be recorded in Brno, Czech Republic with the Brno Philharmonic in summer of 2017.
CLOSING DATE: February 1, 2017

New Choral Voices, Vol. 3
Calling for Choral Scores (up to 16 voices divisi, a cappella) for our third volume of New Choral Voices CD to be recorded in Cincinnati, Ohio with the excellent Ablaze Records Choir Coro Volante directed by maestro Brett Scott in winter, 2017/18.
CLOSING DATE: April 1, 2017

Electronic Masters, Vol. 6
Calling for new recordings of Electronic or Electroacoustic works for our sixth volume of Electronic Masters.
CLOSING DATE: April 1, 2017

Millennial Masters, Vol. 8
Calling for new recordings of Chamber music works for our eighth volume of Millennial Masters.
CLOSING DATE: April 1, 2017

Stage and Screen Series, Vol. 2
Calling for new scores of music written for stage or screen to be recorded by full professional symphony orchestra in 2016.
CLOSING DATE: February 1, 2017

Pierrot Ensemble Series, Vol. 2
Named after the ensemble created by Schoenberg for his landmark work Pierrot Lunaire, this is a call for scores for Pierrot ensemble (flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello) but without voice and with the possible addition of one percussionist and/or fixed format electronics to be recorded by principal players of the stunning Brno Philharmonic Orchestra.
CLOSING DATE: February 1, 2017

Sinfonia Series, Vol. 2
This is a call for scores for Brno Philharmonic Ensemble, a large 15 member group consisting of one of each orchestral instrument (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, bass trombone, tuba, piano, percussion (1), 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass) to be recorded the stunning Brno Philharmonic Ensemble.
CLOSING DATE: February 1, 2017

Composer Monograph CD—APPLY
Ongoing, submit your proposal anytime.

Performer Portrait CD—APPLY
Ongoing, submit your proposal anytime.

 New York Composers Circle
Summary:Call wth no deadline
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 12 October 2016
Details: New York Composers Circle’s Monthly Salon Call for New Works No Deadline, No Fee

Invitation to NYCC Salons

The New York Composers Circle (NYCC) invites composers in the New York metropolitan area to its monthly salons to audition either completed works or works-in-progress for constructive commentary and attentive listening. This opportunity to share your works and commingle with your peers is especially valuable for composers recently out of school, working outside the music field and those simply hungry for a fresh perspective given in a warm, welcoming environment.

Guests are invited to bring their works, complete or not, to monthly salons. However, space and time are limited, so only those first five respondents who can arrange either a live performance or provide a recording (live performance preferable though a “good” MIDI realization is acceptable) and score (traditional, graphic, etc.) will be invited to one of the monthly salons. If invited, prepare a few introductory remarks and short commentary about your work to the assembled gathering. The remarks need only to be a quick summation of the impetus for the work or a short summary of its technical aspects. Guests who have presented at salons may be invited to join NYCC and have their works performed at one of its concerts.

Duration of presented works should not exceed 15 minutes and commentary on your work no longer than 5 minutes. We welcome printed handouts if you wish to share more about your work process and inspiration which members and guests can read at their leisure.

About Us
NYCC is a New York City composers’ collective founded in 2002 with over 60 members consisting of composers and performers. Members come from many walks of life and share a passion and deep knowledge about the complex process of composing a work and having it performed publicly. All are devoted to the core mission of promoting public awareness and appreciation of contemporary music through concerts, salons, and other events in the New York metropolitan area. As part of its fulfillment of this mission, the collective produces four concerts every year featuring its members' chamber works at such venues as Symphony Space, St. Peter’s Church and Leonard Nimoy Thalia Theater.

Submission Information
If you are interested, please write to Hubert Howe at the email
listed below with a description of the piece you will be bringing - its
title, instrumentation, duration, and the particulars of its
performance, and include some information about your musical background.

For general information about the New York Composers Circle, please
visit the website below.
Contact: Hubert Howe

 NBA Young Composers Jazz Composition Contest
Summary:Jazz Competition
Deadline: 01 July 2017
Date Posted: 27 September 2016
Details: The contest seeks to recognize and encourage young jazz composers to submit their works for the prize. Composers must be 39 years of age or younger by July 1 of each year. In addition, the work submitted must be for jazz ensemble with no restrictions as to style, form or length.

Deadline for submissions is July 1, 2017. For additional information, visit

 School of Music of Azusa Pacific University and J.W.Pepper Music
Summary:High School Competition
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 11 March 2015
Details: This High School Composition Contest is offered jointly by the School of Music of Azusa Pacific University and J.W.Pepper Music. It’s intent is to encourage the composition by high school students of high quality music that is accessible to reasonably well-developed high school music ensembles and performers. While this is the first year of the Contest, it is intended that it be an annual event.

The prizes for the winning composition in each category are:

1) $1000 cash

2) Public performance and recording by the appropriate Azusa Pacific University music ensemble.

3) Consideration for publication by J.W.Peppers publishing arm, Wingert-Jones Publications.

4) A complimentary subscription for J.W.Pepper’s My Score® self-publishing platform, valued at $99.

There are five categories of music being sought for the Contest. They are listed below, along with the length limitations for each category.

1) Orchestra 5 to 8 minutes

2) Choral 4 to 6 minutes

3) Wind Ensemble 5 to 8 minutes

4) Jazz Ensemble 5 to 8 minutes

5) Chamber 5 to 8 minutes

Plan to submit a properly notated score and demo recording. The winner in any category will be expected to provide clear, readable parts for the appropriate ensemble. Details are at the “How to Enter” tab above.

The choral composition may be accompanied or unaccompanied. It can be for mixed chorus, women’s choir, or men’s choir. Any accompaniment should be limited to piano and/or no more than two other common instruments.

The chamber composition may be for string quartet, string quintet, woodwind quintet, brass quintet, piano trio, piano quintet, guitar ensemble, guitar with bowed strings, or any common solo instrument. Other small groupings may be considered. If you would like to compose for a non-standard chamber group, it is suggested that you send email to with a description of the ensemble to get approval of the ensemble for which you wish to compose.

Instrumentation for the other ensembles follows.


Wind Ensemble:

Jazz Ensemble (big band):

Please see the “Contest Rules” tab above for further details, and the “How to Enter” tab for instructions about how to apply for the contest and submit your composition(s).

The contest is not yet “live.” It will be opened on April 1, 2015. After that time, questions not answered at the Contest Rules and How to Enter tabs may be directed to
Web Site:

 Flexible Persona
Summary:Journal seeks compositions
Deadline: None
Date Posted: 13 August 2014
Details: The Flexible Persona, a literary journal, is looking for the work of minimalist composers for our audio issues. We would feature a 10–20 second clip of your work before the story is read and then a work up to five minutes in length at the end of the broadcast with credit to you and link to your website/work. For questions or to submit links to your work, please e-mail us at: Please do not send audio attachments.