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Various : New Stock: Sampler

NMC's 5th sampler, with extracts from recent and forthcoming releases

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Oliver Knussen: Variations on Sumer is icumen in1'40
Elisabeth Lutyens: The Skull: Opening Titles1'35
Judith Weir: Piano Concerto1'50
Alexander Goehr: Sing, Ariel2'22
John Woolrich: The Barber's Timepiece3'20
Thea Musgrave: Memento Vitae - excerpt3'05
Hugh Wood: Violin Concerto - opening3'25
John Buller: Proenta - opening2'55
Julia Simpson: a beast of burden2'43
Christopher Fox: Generic Composition #52'45
Colin Matthews: Cello Concerto3'00
David Sawer: Riddle1'09
John Casken: Darting the Skiff3'29
Lyell Cresswell: Atta2'49
Robert Saxton: I Will Awake the Dawn2'45
Vic Hoyland: Vixen2'50
Gerald Barry: Snow is white1'57
Robin Holloway: Violin Concerto2'15
Joe Cutler: Jiggadybox3'22
Simon Holt: Boots of Lead3'00
Tansy Davies: Patterning3'20
David Matthews: Cantiga2'27
Laurence Crane: Sparling3'00
Benedict Mason: Lighthouses of England & Wales2'20
Nigel Osborne: The Sickle3'38
Brian Ferneyhough: Lemma-Icon-Epigram2'50
Jo Thomas: Wolfie1'40
Harrison Birtwistle: Gawain's Journey2'23
Howard Skempton: Lento2'58

Composers on this disc

Gerald Barry
Harrison Birtwistle
John Buller
John Casken
Laurence Crane
Lyell Cresswell
Joe Cutler
Tansy Davies
Brian Ferneyhough
Christopher Fox
Alexander Goehr
Robin Holloway
Simon Holt
Vic Hoyland
Oliver Knussen
Elisabeth Lutyens
Benedict Mason
Colin Matthews
David Matthews
Thea Musgrave
Nigel Osborne
David Sawer
Robert Saxton
Julia Simpson
Howard Skempton
Jo Thomas
Judith Weir
Hugh Wood
John Woolrich