Judith Weir : Piano Concerto/ Distance & Enchantment

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Judith Weir : Piano Concerto/ Distance & Enchantment

Judith Weir's own choice of her chamber music featuring piano explore Weir's fascination with folk music: the sparkling Piano Concerto explores her Scottish roots.

"Small-scale and elusive... but they are anything but diminutive in their emotional power… she has the ability to make the most mundane of musical material seem surprising."
The Guardian Classical CD of the Week 2003

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Piano Concerto: I8'06
Piano Concerto: II The Sweet Primeroses4'31
Piano Concerto: III3'17
Music for 247 Strings8'56
Piano Trio - I4'57
Piano Trio - II4'52
Piano Trio - III6'14
Arise! Arise! You slumbering sleepers2'29
Piano Quartet: I9'46
Piano Quartet: II Blanche comme la neige8'15
Distance & Enchantment8'40
The Bagpiper's String Trio: Salute2'31
The Bagpiper's String Trio: Nocturne1'24
The Bagpiper's String Trio: Lament, over the sea2'56
The Art of Touching the Keyboard9'55
I Broke off a Golden Branch: I - Calm9'21
I Broke off a Golden Branch: II5'26
Ardnamurchan Point8'28
El Rey de Francia1'38
The King of France7'31

Composers on this disc

Judith Weir