Various : The Hoxton Thirteen

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Various : The Hoxton Thirteen

New works by 13 young composers from Hoxton New Music Days

"A fascinating preview of potentially great things to come."
The Times 2002

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Tansy Davies: Patterning6'32
Jonathan Powell: Saturnine5'23
Mary Bellamy: Constellations5'25
Morgan Hayes: Buoy5'48
Richard Baker: Los Rabanos5'22
Sam Hayden: partners in psychopathology6'26
Alison Kay: Rat-race5'44
Jonathan Cole: Caught5'44
Rachel Leach: Green Plastic, Pink Oil and Water4'40
Alastair Stout: Deep in Your Coral Caves5'42
Julia Simpson: a beast of burden2'43
Oscar Bettison: Cadence6'14
Deborah Pritchard: Chanctonbury Ring1'49

Composers on this disc

Richard Baker
Mary Bellamy
Oscar Bettison
Jonathan Cole
Tansy Davies
Sam Hayden
Morgan Hayes
Alison Kay
Rachel Leach
Jonathan Powell
Deborah Pritchard
Julia Simpson
Alastair Stout