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Various : Prime Cuts: Sampler

NMC's 4th sampler

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Severn Bridge Variations: Grace Williams4'35
5 Ratushinskaya Songs: 2 And I undid the old shawl3'28
Judith Weir: A Night at the Chinese Opera, opening2'26
Jonathan Harvey: Haiku0'27
Philip Cashian: Chamber Concerto3'18
Sumer is Icumen In: Robin Holloway4'07
Richard Rodney Bennett: Taking a line for a walk1'12
Simon Bainbridge: Ad ora incerta: Lunedi (extract)3'19
David Matthews: Chaconne (extract)3'14
Julian Anderson: Somewhere near Cluj1'34
Jonty Harrison: Klang (extract)3'58
Hugh Wood: Symphony (ending)3'29
Robert Saxton: Processions & Dances2'58
Benjamin Britten: Love from a Stranger (extract)2'55
John Tavener: Zodiacs2'23
Michael Finnissy: Traum des Sangers3'29
Edwin Roxburgh: Hallowe'en1'10
John Woolrich: Viola Concerto - Song II3'38
Colin Matthews: Fuga (extract)2'28
Anthony Gilbert: Igorochki: Moto perpetuo2'57
Diana Burrell: The Little Bear1'20
Anthony Payne: Symphonies of Wind and Rain4'03
James Wood: Two Men Meet (extract)3'37
Elgar/Payne: Symphony No.3 - from 3rd movement3'12
Avril Anderson: A story untold0'56
Francis Burt: Und Gott der Herr sprach (extract)1'45
Christopher Fox: lliK.relliK (extract)3'20
Var'ns on an Elizabethan Theme: William Walton3'09

Composers on this disc

Avril Anderson
Julian Anderson
Simon Bainbridge
Richard Rodney Bennett
Benjamin Britten
Diana Burrell
Francis Burt
Philip Cashian
Brian Elias
Michael Finnissy
Christopher Fox
Anthony Gilbert
Jonty Harrison
Jonathan Harvey
Robin Holloway
Colin Matthews
David Matthews
Anthony Payne
Edwin Roxburgh
Robert Saxton
John Tavener
William Walton
Judith Weir
Grace Williams
Hugh Wood
James Wood
John Woolrich