David Matthews : In the Dark Time
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David Matthews : In the Dark Time

Two richly dramatic orchestral scores are presented on this disc. In the Dark Time takes its title from TS Eliot's Four Quartets and reflects the turning of the seasons from winter to spring; and Chaconne, inspired by the site of a medieval battlefield.

"Richly orchestrated, with a fine balance between ensemble textures and individual instrumental lines and colours, these vividly captured performances are played with sensitivity and considerable flair by the BBCSO."
The Observer 2001

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
In the Dark Time: Introduction2'58
In the Dark Time: Allegro 14'02
In the Dark Time: Allegro 22'59
In the Dark Time: String melody4'20
In the Dark Time: Meditation 12'39
In the Dark Time: Meditation 22'29
In the Dark Time: Meditation 34'19
In the Dark Time: Coda2'45
Chaconne: Introduction0'56
Chaconne: Chaconne 13'01
Chaconne: Interlude1'27
Chaconne: Development of Chaconne 12'52
Chaconne: Interlude 23'03
Chaconne: Chaconne 23'57
Chaconne: Interlude2'58
Chaconne: Epilogue2'22

Composers on this disc

David Matthews