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Various : Spectrum

50 short pieces for piano by 30 of Britain's leading composers

"A wonderful snapshot of music being written in Britain now. Better still, these pieces have been written for us all to play."
The Observer 1999

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Eleanor Alberga: If the Silver Bird could Speak3'00
David Bedford: Toccata3'03
Diana Burrell: Constellations I & II2'52
Philip Cashian: Landscape4'26
Brian Elias: Moto perpetuo2'04
Michael Finnissy: Yvaropera 53'52
Graham Fitkin: Sazz2'27
Michael Zev Gordon: Far away4'40
Jonathan Harvey: ff2'25
Alun Hoddinott: Dark march2'01
Gabriel Jackson: Memorial Blues for Phyllis Hyman4'16
Stephen Montague: Mira6'02
Anthony Payne: Song without end3'51
Jeremy Dale Roberts: Stele for John Lambert1'27
Roger Redgate: Trace4'23
Edwin Roxburgh: Moonscape3'11
Timothy Salter: Lutie's arabesque3'28
David Sawer: Diversion2'12
Howard Skempton: Cantilena2'14
Andrew Toovey: Still2'18
Jeremy Dale Roberts: Nyanyushka's song0'45
Philip Cashian: Slow moon1'26
Eleanor Alberga: Only a wish away1'32
Alun Hoddinott: Lizard0'53
Michael Zev Gordon: High ground1'47
Roger Redgate: Arc0'37
Michael Finnissy: Tango0'44
Richard Rodney Bennett: Taking a line for a walk1'14
Timothy Salter: Cat being bold at first1'00
Neil Kaczor: In memoriam1'46
Colin Matthews: Rosamund's March1'03
Julian Anderson: Somewhere near Cluj1'35
Stephen Montague: Tsunami1'19
Laurence Crane: Chorale for Howard Skempton1'22
Edward McGuire: Foglie d'autunno2'51
Brian Elias: Plaint1'00
Jonathan Harvey: Haiku0'30
Dave Smith: Tuesday1'04
Andrew Toovey: Little Dances2'05
David Bedford: Sunset over Stac Pollaidh1'48
Barry Mills: Clouds1'16
Avril Anderson: A story untold0'59
Edwin Roxburgh: Hallowe'en1'11
Anthony Payne: Micro-sonata1'51
Graham Fitkin: Tunch3'10
John Tavener: Zodiacs2'26
David Sawer: L'escalier1'05
Diana Burrell: The Little Bear1'22
Gabriel Jackson: October Monody0'51
Howard Skempton: Arpeggio1'12

Composers on this disc

Eleanor Alberga
Avril Anderson
Julian Anderson
David Bedford
Richard Rodney Bennett
Diana Burrell
Philip Cashian
Laurence Crane
Brian Elias
Michael Finnissy
Graham Fitkin
Michael Zev Gordon
Jonathan Harvey
Alun Hoddinott
Gabriel Jackson
Neil Kazcor
Colin Matthews
Edward McGuire
Barry Mills
Stephen Montague
Anthony Payne
Roger Redgate
Jeremy Dale Roberts
Edwin Roxburgh
Timothy Salter
David Sawer
Howard Skempton
Dave Smith
John Tavener
Andrew Toovey