Various : A Round-up of NMC: Sampler

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Various : A Round-up of NMC: Sampler

NMC's third sampler

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Elgar/ Payne: Symphony No.3 (extract)4'13
Anthony Payne: Time's Arrow (extract)3'36
Nicholas Sackman: Hawthorn (slow mvt)5'17
Jonathan Lloyd: Symphony No.4 (extract)4'04
Harrison Birtwistle: The Mask of Orpheus - Act 33'54
Robin Holloway: Third Concerto for Orchestra4'25
Alexander Goehr: Arianna - Lament5'04
Sarah Collins: Forest Piece (excerpt)5'00
Simon Holt: Banshee (excerpt)3'02
Gordon Crosse: Some Marches on a Ground3'55
Richard Barrett: Vanity: Sensorium3'51
Minna Keal: Cello Concerto (excerpt)3'57
Martin Butler: Fixed Doubles3'43
John White: Piano Sonata No. 762'16
Michael Finnissy: Red Earth (extract)4'07
Peter Paul Nash: Symphony No.1 (opening)2'51
David Bedford: Recorder Concerto (Finale)2'26

Composers on this disc

Richard Barrett
David Bedford
Harrison Birtwistle
Martin Butler
Sarah Collins
Gordon Crosse
Michael Finnissy
Alexander Goehr
Robin Holloway
Simon Holt
Minna Keal
Jonathan Lloyd
Peter Paul Nash
Anthony Payne
Nicholas Sackman
John White