Sawer/ Hoyland : The Other Side of the Air

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Sawer/ Hoyland : The Other Side of the Air

Rolf Hind, pioneer of the avant-garde keyboard, is the dedicatee of both Hoyland's The Other Side of the Air and Sawer's The Melancholy of Departure - works which explore the sheer physicality of the piano.

"Rolf Hind's response [is] comprehensively sensual: grimly enduring vicious whiplash chords while stupendously in control of the most glassy pianissimos."
The Musical Times, 1994

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
David Sawer: The Melancholy of Departure12'57
Vic Hoyland: The Other Side of the Air13'10

Composers on this disc

Vic Hoyland
David Sawer