Barry Guy : After the Rain

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Barry Guy : After the Rain

After the Rain, for strings, draws on Max Ernst's disturbing painting Europe After the Rain - depicting the bleak remains of a landscape left after some inexplicable catastrophe - within a work of remarkable strength and optimism.

"A fascinating new work receives a fine interpretation from Richard Hickox."
BBC Music Magazine 1993

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
After the Rain: Refrain0'45
After the Rain: Chorale3'05
After the Rain: Antiphon3'06
After the Rain: Refrain0'37
After the Rain: Chanson2'31
After the Rain: Canon4'50
After the Rain: Antiphon0'42
After the Rain: Motet6'58
After the Rain: Antiphon1'10
After the Rain: Refrain0'58

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Barry Guy