Elisabeth Lutyens : Chamber Concerto/ Isis and Osiris

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Elisabeth Lutyens : Chamber Concerto/ Isis and Osiris

A retrospective of Lutyens' output which includes works ranging from the terse economy of Chamber Concerto No.1 to the fluid lines of The Valley of Hatsu-Se for soprano and small ensemble.

"The most important record I reviewed during 1993 may well turn out to be the Elisabeth Lutyens collection. By eloquent performance and shrewd choice of works, a figure who had begun to seem a brave but perhaps outdated pioneer was revealed as a creative artist of individual and expressive refinement."
Gramophone Critics' Choice 1993

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
Chamber Concerto No.1: Theme and Variations2'24
Chamber Concerto: Aria: Adagio1'49
Chamber Concerto: Scherzo: Allegro scherzando2'00
Chamber Concerto: Rondo: Allegro con moto1'40
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Fuyu-komori3'21
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Uguisu no0'57
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Koye tayezu0'43
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Hana we ne ni1'28
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Nake ya, nake1'29
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Usu-zumi ni1'05
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Awa-yuki no2'15
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Futari-yukedo1'17
The Valley of Hatsu-Se: Hatsu-se no ya1'44
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - I2'21
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - II2'03
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - III2'20
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - IV2'04
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - V2'14
Six Tempi for Ten Instruments - VI2'01
Lament of Isis on the Death of Osiris, from Op 744'59
Triolet I - 11'19
Triolet I - 20'44
Triolet I - 30'58
Triolet I - 41'09
Triolet I - 50'32
Triolet I - 61'09
Triolet I - 71'30
Triolet I - 80'46
Triolet I - 91'10
Requiescat (in memoriam Igor Stravinsky)5'18
Triolet II - 10'57
Triolet II - 20'53
Triolet II - 30'40
Triolet II - 40'59
Triolet II - 51'54
Triolet II - 61'28
Triolet II - 70'25
Triolet II - 80'54
Triolet II - 91'18

Composers on this disc

Elisabeth Lutyens