Various : Mary Wiegold, soprano

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Various : Mary Wiegold, soprano

14 short songs drawn from the Songbook, an ever-increasing collection of works written for Wiegold and the Composers Ensemble

"Like a modern-day codex. Should nothing survive from the previous decade of British music save this, scholars would still be able to form a reliable picture of the diverse compositional activity of those years."
Tempo 1992

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Track ListingTrack TimeMP3
John Dowland (arr Woolrich): Complaint1'22
Judith Weir: The Romance of Count Arnaldos2'49
Colin Matthews: Cantata on the Death of Antony3'56
Simon Bainbridge: A Song from Michelangelo2'39
Howard Skempton: How Slow the Wind2'22
John Dowland (arr Woolrich): Galliard to Lachrimae2'40
Harrison Birtwistle: White and Light6'52
Philip Wilby: Easter Wings2'52
Keith Tippett: Sun - the Living Son6'28
John Woolrich: The Turkish Mouse1'24
John Dowland (arr Woolrich): Lachrimae3'41
Dominic Muldowney: On Suicide1'42
Sally Beamish: Tuscan Lullaby3'06
Bayan Northcott: The Maidens Came3'33
David Bedford: Even Now2'53
Michael Nyman: Polish Song2'22
Colin Matthews: Strugnell's Haiku3'31

Composers on this disc

Simon Bainbridge
Sally Beamish
David Bedford
Harrison Birtwistle
John Dowland
Colin Matthews
Dominic Muldowney
Bayan Northcott
Michael Nyman
Howard Skempton
Keith Tippett
Judith Weir
Philip Wilby
John Woolrich